“Everyone is a house with four rooms, a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time, but unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person.” -Rumer Godden

Do you have health concern/s that are  making you anxious and worried about your future? Have you gone to health care practitioners not feeling like you are being heard or that your conditions is being passed off as something that your gut doesn’t agree with completely?

Do you feel these create extra roadblocks that hold you back from progressing in your life and with your business goals?

Are your symptoms waving from the land of mysteries and do they make you feel hopeless and at a loss for solutions that work?

How about taking the confusion and stress about your health straight to the expertise of the spiritual realm where all answers lie…and where your body is regarded from the level of energy where blocks in your energy add up to create distress and dis-ease.

We will do this and more in a Energetic Health Booster session. You bring your health conditions and receive:

  • an intuitive assessment of your energy 
  • insights into what patterns may have created this dis-harmony
  • energetic work as needed to treat the concern/s at the source and wherever they are affecting you now (and in the future!)
  • follow-up recommendations

In each session, you will need to prepare to walk into some old rooms, and air out some old stories. Our physical body depends on the health of our spiritual, emotional and mental bodies. We will look at the areas that are calling out for help.

I use a wide range of therapies in my sessions as needed: Akashic Record Healing, Past Life Regression, Remote Energy Clearing and Balancing, Inner Child Healing, Emotional Release Therapy, Spiritual Guidance, Embodiment & Integration work for reconnection with one's Purpose & Truth

These sessions are done in 50-minute blocks and are packaged in a series of two (for 1 condition) or five (for 2 or more major conditions). They are done via Zoom and recorded for you.

delivered the exact words I needed to hear...

I had a gifted session with Sasha yesterday. This woman is so seriously talented. She gave me a beautiful reading to start the session around an issue i was dealing with. Her insight and guidance team delivered the exact words I needed to hear to allow me to move forward. Sasha has a beautiful calm energy and this reflected in the healing we did at the end. I would highly highly recommend Sasha, for her talent is amazing. Thank you again foe your time yesterday. I had wished we had further time to connect


Our discussion, the meditation and my insights were spot on.

I would recommend Sasha to anyone with health concerns, anxiety or emotional blocks. Realizing when my health concerns started has helped me realized other important things too that are huge. I really appreciated the insights and the meditation. The imagery is firmly with me. My entire reading was excellent. Our discussion, the meditation and my insights were spot on..


Ready to blast away those blocks and transform your health issues from where they originate are so you can have more confidence and energy to give to your passions, business and life?

  Choose from:                  
(1)  Single Session - $65.

Or get support for one major health condition
(1)  Package of 2 - $125.

Or get support for 2 or 3 major health conditions
(1)  Package of 5 - $333.

you helped me more than what I had invested during the last 15 years

I think you are a very talented healer and this method is super powerful.

I have lots of understanding about inner work and yet, you wonderfully surprised me. 

Your knowledge & technique is absolutely brilliant and also so much easier to go through the healing process.

I am super grateful as just after only 3 sessions with you and you helped me more than what I had invested during the last 15 years.

I highly recommend anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their lives and circumstances to get your help ASAP.

It makes me happy to know that there are people like you I can reach out to when facing challenges.

GITA GAVARE  //  Confidence Strategist & Author

She knew what I needed

Before my session with Sasha, I had been feeling off-centred. I was having difficulty connecting to myself and the energies around me. During my integrative healing sesion, Sasha led me through a journey which reconnected me to my confidence in my capabilities as a healer. Issues were not only brought to light as to why I was having difficulties but I was given simple tools to use to correct them.
My favourite part of working with Sasha was how healing the space she created was. She knew what I needed- even when I was unable to adequately express it & created a space in which I could release emotions and ask questions. As an energy healer, Sasha gently pushes you into a better relationship with yourself. She is so full of love and brings that love to every session.