Enter the Lion: Four Blessings of this New Moon in Leo that you won’t want to miss!

The central theme according to the Astro Soul Oracle for this New Moon in Leo, today August 14  surrounds another huge planetary shake-up created by the recent sprint of Jupiter from Leo to Virgo!

Here are some things in particular to take note of at this time:

(1) The Sun is in Leo and the moon is in Leo. There is so much energy supporting living magnanimously and living large in areas that you have previously withered and waned. This is a turning point, a climax of the year where you can really, truly be encouraged to step into the role of God or Goddess in your life! How are you going to do so in your life? Set your intention in the comments below! Words are powerful tools of creation.

(2) Follow the call of your heart. The lion is a royal ambassador of courage and is brave for all the right reasons having to do with living one’s truth. It is important to tune into the voice of your gut at this time, and no doubt it will become more resounding now unless you take action. Fire says let’s move!

(3) Jupiter’s entrance into Virgo gives you an added boost to details around the practical parts of life- your health, your work, you obligations. This is a great time to turn the focus inward (with the help of his highness, Leo) and give adequate time and space to health conditions, routines, schedules and your work. Reevaluate and add a huge helping of your unique tastes and preferences- what works for you?

(4) Indulge and nurture your Spirit. This is a great time to explore different paths that allow you to see what works for you. When you see your options, you can become more engaged and aware of what tools you have to take your next step and especially, what gifts you are hiding from both yourself and the world. The more you shine, the more you contribute to the health of the world! I invite you to my webinar this Sunday called “Discover Four Paths to Opening the Gifts of Your Spirit.”

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