Full Moon in Libra Astro Soul Oracle Update: Of Thoughts, Feelings and Visions

Happy Full Moon in Libra!

Libra brings with it a peace-loving, friendly energy that is happy to act as mediator between two warring parties. As you can see, this bodes well for conflicts and draws a light energy over tense situations  It’s associated organs are to be found in the lower body- organs of reproduction and cleansing, whose metaphysical qualities reflect back on the creative, connective vibrations of Libra.  It is a good time to unveil the blocks holding you back from creating and having the connections you’d like in the light of this Full Moon

Eyes on the Skies

This time features the energies of Mercury Retrograde very strongly in addition to the Libran Full Moon. Venus Retrograde is still underway, which makes it a good time to reflect and think carefully about the relationships in your life.  Tensions may be high here and with five planets going retrograde this month, this is a cosmic signal to pace yourself and take one step at a time. It may be harder to implement new ideas at this time but it’s not impossible. [Download the April Action Planner to help you stay on track with your goals and dreams]. 

 The Astro Soul Oracle Forecast

This Full Moon is represented by the Full Moon Card, which speaks volumes.  There are lessons that you are wrapping up and unveiling in the light of this moon and thanks to the blessings of Goddess Venus. The energies of this Full Moon can be easily captured through Ritual and Ceremony, like the Closing ceremonies in big events. This is a time of completion and with completion, there is reason for celebration so honour yourself and the work you’ve done in the past month at least.

The Timeline from the Past to Future shows up through the presence of the Mercury Retrograde and a reminder that in the future, Mercury does go Direct and Many Doorways will suddenly and quickly open (at least now you will see them more clearly). Take heed that this decrease in Mercury’s power to help you communicate your truth is for a reason- to bring clarity and make sure you believe in what you’re saying and can correct these mistakes as they arise. Have no fear, the cosmos knows what it is doing on your behalf.


What is needed is the promise and BIG VISION reminder of the future as well as the company of people who have respect for your *crazy* ideas, goals and dreams for the future, which no longer seem as such in their company.


Are you Birthing Something New in Your Life?

Are you ready to fully drop and release the weight of negative connections, stresses and old ways of being.
Did you know that you have a powerful ally in this mission? 


When a new phase of your life begins to rise, there are three organ groupings that stand to face the shock and awe of the New.

  1. Your Adrenals for Stress and Sudden Change
  2. Your Thyroid and Heart for Grief, Disappointment, Betrayal, Confusion and Lack of Trust
  3. Reproductive Organs for Relationship Tensions and Creative Blocks.

As you can see, when the New wants to arrive, it is a challenge to stop the tune of the Past from re-playing itself over and over again.

But we can do something about that.

I’ve designed a 3 week course to help you drop the dead weight of the past and take you to a place where you are overjoyed with the present and prepared to embody what is yours with arms open so wide that you feel like you can touch the sky! (yes, you CAN dream!). If you have health concerns in any of these areas mentioned, these too will be tuned up energetically so you increase the vibration of and heal these organs from the inside-out.

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