Full Moon in Libra Oracle Insights

There is a very delicate balance at play between the Fire Element (Sun in Aries) and the Air Element (Full Moon in Libra) happening. The cards that surfaced for the Full Moon Oracle Insights highlighted this tension, what to look out for and how to achieve balance at this time. 

You may have even felt a feeling of peace, harmony and greater togetherness at this Full Moon. Romance is highlighted, but this does not need an external partner or even a relationship to happen. This is the outer manifestation but it is so very important to first love the divine being within. With the background of Aries, there is no doubt a fire that will help reignite a passion in some area of life. You may feel a resurgence in energy to follow a particular love of yours.

You must be mindful of your wounds resurfacing and know that with the heat of passion comes the possibilities for tensions and arguments. There is something at stake and that is being loved and respected for who you are. Temper this desire to boldly declare your worth with activities to raise your vibration to help you come into balance when the fire gets too hot and scorching. These can include using tools like crystals and sounds but also proper nutrition and care for the body.

Chakras engaged: Root, Sacral, Crown

May your renewed passion lead you to your true loves.

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