[Full Moon in Scorpio] Change is here & a story of how I transformed my Art

It was a happy coincidence that I kicked off the Birthing the New course on the Full Moon in Scorpio. It was an unusual decision to start a course mid-week but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was a good reason for it backed up by the Cosmos!

Scorpio brings us the mysterious energy of transformation and rebirth. For those of use who are not Scorpios, this is a welcome attunement to the process of change. If there is any sign that is comfortable with darkness, it is this one. In a state of transition, nothing is assured. There may be memories of the past that tug you back and twinkles of the future that seem more like dreams than anything close to reality.

This Full Moon in Scorpio brings a gift of revelation to see the darkness and appreciate the lessons it brings. Keep track of that deep, dark background of your dreams where stirs up the fragments you have not touched in a while. Remember, death is necessary for rebirth and this is the transformative power of Scorpio that is available to us at this time.

I want to take you back in time with me to a a place in my life where I was birthing the new. I was undergoing change like nothing else existed. Nothing was assured, down to my life. I had lost the energy of passion and purpose because I had no energy to walk. I was in and out of giving up on life because I felt unworthy and cast aside by the world.

For years, I had produced art but it was a painstaking process- one that regarded the creation of art as a science. One could only excel in art if one worked for long, hard hours and sacrificed, is what I thought. It was a painful process. I produced very detailed work, like this piece at age 13 but to say I enjoyed the process was not accurate. I was perfectionism embodied. I could fix a mistake but anything that didn’t look good made me very angry.

I had abilities but I did not know that I could enjoy the process. As a result, for at least a decade or more, I distanced myself away from art.

I thought people only recognised artists if they replicated real life down to each cell and atom.

In my dark moments, in the silence of the unknown, I turned once more to art. The paintings were messy but I was directed to paint in a more fluid, colourful way. It took some months to gain enough strength to start painting properly and I persisted through the growing pains.

The moment I moved away from being ‘perfect’ with my art to allowing energy and soul to channel through, is the moment that my art transformed.

Something happens when you cross the threshold and realise what’s important in life. I no longer felt that need to be perfect.  I woke up to a new way of being and my art (that I had left for so long) became more ‘free-spirited’. I realised that I was painting the world, just that it was the worlds we don’t normally see. These paintings were of the soul and precision and accuracy was the last thing to be concerned about. It was more important that the energy that shone through matched the intention I was creating. I also no longer needed to paint from pictures, the images were imprinting themselves on the paper before I even began to paint!

What a beautiful new world! These paintings were a JOY to make. I also knew I was meant to offer these to people and began doing this. In the process, I had to break some moulds into what I thought art was in reality. Art IS Life. It is the colours of the fabric that make up life and boy, do I love colour! 🙂

Do you have a similar experience with transforming your talents or your art? Share in the comments below:

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