I create personalised soul energy paintings that may be further defined by astrology. Either way, my work is intended to celebrate the essence and beauty of you- whether it be your sole self or in relationship with another.

Both ancient healing methods and quantum physics agree upon the core principle that worlds can be dreamed up, and thence created- albeit in different words. These paintings can be seen as tools to help focus energy into living the highest expression of yourself. They can help making your dreams a living reality, day by day, keeping you in check by reminding you of your own truth.

The First Step to Healing Yourself is Knowing Yourself.

See Past Works and Special Collections (Available as Prints) below.

Past Commissioned Work:

Astro-Soul Portraits and Soul Portraits done for Couples and Individuals

Astro-Soul Portrait- S.M. & S.M. Soul Portrait – S.P.

Astro-Soul Portrait (Couple): Dreams, Travels, and Colourful Voyages




Soul Portrait- ANEW: “…The light goes on in the dark as the step is taken into the New..”
Astro-Soul Portrait- A.P. Astro-Soul Portrait – L.G.

Astro-Soul Portrait- Exploration while Rooted

Astro-Soul Portrait
Astro-Soul Portrait- Unveiling Creative Leadership
Space Painting- Balance in the Elements Astro Soul Portrait – N.B.

Balance in the Elements
Balance in the Elements
Astro Soul Portrait - Creative Depths of Healing
Astro Soul Portrait – Creative Depths of Healing
Want Your Own Personalised Soul Painting? Find out why and how these paintings are Personalised Soul Art, made just for you.


Special Collections:

    • Prescriptive Prints-
      Energy encodements for the optimal function of the associated body structure.
      Shop Prescriptive Prints


    • Sun Sign Prints-The essence of the 12 signs of the zodiac, in the style of soul energy art.
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