How to get what you truly deserve in life

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! The message from the Astro Soul Oracle card deck is taken from the House of Secrets:


  At this Scorpio Full Moon, the message here is about taking a good long look (with telescope lens or magnifying glass if needed) at the things you have buried from your past. These may quite literally present themselves to you. In other words, this Moon is the biggest flashlight you can ever ask for at this time! You have the tools, now observe what comes up to you from your past- the long hidden, the long buried and the not quite forgotten.

It is time to look at these for what they are now with who you are now so you can move ahead in the next cycle.

This can be a beautiful time of releasing and also reunion with revived parts of the past.

Which brings me to my own Full Moon in Scorpio story that I will share with you.

In 2010, I bonded with a very special crystal necklace. It resonated with me so deeply and brought me a feeling that is very hard to describe. Strength is what I felt most with it.

But then I lost it the next year- at a time when I was physically weak. I searched long and hard for it.

It had been almost 3 years since it went missing.

Today it returned at the peak of the Full Moon at a time when I was mostly back to my new old self, a strong one. amethystIt returned from deep down in the dark recesses of the earth in a moment of clearing away the rubble and weeds. It took some work still to unearth but it lay there, ready to be exposed again.

This necklace was a symbol of strength but it helped return me to my own strength by being ‘lost and forgotten’. I could no longer depend on it as you would a talisman or a sacred ornament of protection.

It also is a reminder that if you are :

  1. able to accept a loss, closure or ending that may be sudden and shocking,
  2. and move along with detachment and gratitude for what experience you had in the past that you are breaking away from,
  3. you will always be met with what you deserve – whether it is the same in a different form or a different experience in the same form.

So if something or someone returns to you now, take a closer look. It could be reminding you of the truth of where you stand right now- irrespective of what or who it is.

Happy finds!

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  1. I heart your blog post and your insight. Keep it coming.

  2. Radica Pustam says:

    Very interesting blog.
    On the lookout to see what I can unearth from the past.
    Beautiful card as well -house of secrets.
    Looking forward to next blog

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