Got Synchronicities? Here’s how you get more…

Synchronicities are the little magical sparks that can add colour and meaning to life. In essence, synchronicities are a result of living life with meaning and aligned with yourself and all of life at large- the bigger picture. The number of synchronicities or meaningful coincidences may be related to a wide range of things such as divine guidance, internal guidance and soul contracts with others.

If you want to live a more magical life, I highly suggest paying attention to the synchronicities in your life.

What you focus your attention on, grows in strength in your life.

Here are some practical suggestions for more times of wonder and magic:

(1) Journal and track your synchronicities. Did you see someone out of the blue you dreamt about last night? Did you go somewhere new only to meet up with an old friend? Write it down. You are probably more in sync than you may realise!

(2) Dare to do something different and out of your comfort zone. Synchronicities by nature have a higher chance of happening if you are brave enough to follow that little nudge that tells you to go down a different path. Routines are good but life thrives on chaos and being open to the new.

(3) Trust and take care of yourself so that you can be present with others. Self care is extremely important (see this post for more tips on caring for your whole body in stressful times) as it allows you to be available for synchronicities, especially those concerning soul contracts with others.

(4) Believe. Just believe. 100% and more if you can.

(5) Take time to be in awe, make space for the new and to celebrate life. In a space of gratitude and innocence, grace is bestowed.

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