Harvesting Peace at the Full Moon in Pisces

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!

(This is the written version of the video reading)


The Astro Soul Oracle reading brings you a snapshot into the energies of the time. It works with the stars and planets in a dynamic, co-creative manner and looks at the Past-Present-Future and a healing timeline as well.

The current energies are very light and are bringing in a wave of peace. Can you feel this lightness, a certain optimism and a feeling that all is well just as it is? This is heightened when you can tap into the waves of softness flowing toward you. The body is the key to receive!

The Full moon energies have actually been stirring us up for a few days now. It has been helping us clean out something from the past, release the things that no longer bring us happiness and lightness and allow space for the moonlight to cast down on the unfolding space and to reveal some truths about ourselves and our lives. In the light of Pisces, it is serving a bigger picture, a vision greater than ourselves! It allows us to think about the good of all versus the tiny details of our individual lives. It brings us the Gift of Compassion to ourselves and others.

In the next few days, prepare to be filled with the courage of the Lion! There is a task that you may be required to undertake to complete that was brought in by the Full Moon energies. Wear the heart of the Lion as you step forward, exalted and powerful in your intent.

What may be needed at this time is a little Virgo spirit. And lucky for us, the Sun is strutting its stuff in this earthy, practical sign. Virgo is needed to balance and ground all this lovely, floating energy. There is a task ahead and work to be done to get there and Virgo will attend to the details while we bask in the waves of joy. There is some disciplined that may be required from us here with the passion of the Lion and unbridled lightness of spirit of the Seven Sisters.

The result of our hard work is access to new ways of seeing things and envisioning our lives, which will also help strengthen our resolve in undertaking our missions. This change of lens also mirrors a change of attitude and has potential to connect us closer to the matters of our heart and delicate subjects but with a new twist of how we look on as things unfold. How much are we going to get involved in the details while the big picture plays out…That is a question we must take to our hearts.

Prepare to open to expansive thinking and being in these beautiful Full Moon energies.


How are you faring with the Full Moon? How is it playing out for you? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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