Having a Bad Day? 3 Tips to Survive the Solar Eclipse

What do you do when the world comes crashing down around you? You might also have no visible signs of external support around you that just intensifies everything.

In the past week, I am 100% sure I am not the only one who has felt this. This Solar Eclipse-New Moon in Leo combination is bringing up issues around self worth to the fore. You can see it in the rise of awareness and expression around social discrimination. These things do exist. However, add Mercury in Retrograde in Virgo to the mix and you have a muddling of thoughts and misunderstandings and things can get messy. This can be very heated especially moreso because many people are simply acting out their own inner demons. Leo is the King of the Jungle and he must roar, often to the exclusion of others.

The Astro Soul Oracle reveals that Karma is working overtime. Be careful of your thoughts and actions as the chain effect will be felt right away. This is energy that is like a Solar Flare– it is placing us all in a very vulnerable space where things can go one way or the other. In times like these, here are 3 things that I have done that can change things for the better (despite what it appears like on the outside):

(1) Reconnect with your Spiritual Truth – This can be through mediums you know and hold dear to your heart. Seek the protection of those who are assigned to protect you. You can find this out through your own knowing, intuitive readings and the things that have worked in the past for you such as singing, meditation or the like. It is important to know that you are loved, supported and protected by a Spiritual Hierarchy and that only a small percentage of who you are is present here. You are much more than you might be aware.

(2) Honour your own Heart and Worth – Recognise that who you are as a person is not affected by the opinions of others, no matter the case. It is not affected by wordly events or decisions made by others. See (3) for how to stand strong in your truth.

(3) Use what you’ve Got! – In the past week, I’ve completed two new paintings which you can see here. There is potent energy supporting us shining! You’ve got talents. The New Moon in Leo that is asking the question: What New Ways can you Radiate?
Do not underestimate the power that is unleashed and the strength you gain from connecting with this core part of who you are- that noone can take from you. You get the joy of taking the next step and shine even brighter in face of setbacks! Do you want to know how best you can do that? You can get a Full Talent Breakthrough Blueprint Reading that will guide  you along your next steps to develop your talents. Special pricing for August 21 only.

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