Healing the Throat Chakra: What you need to know before you begin

Throughout time, the throat chakra has withstood the pressures and hits energetically (and even, physically) from a system of suppression. Women in particular have been attacked for speaking their truth and even abused and killed for doing so. Wise women were viciously silenced and lead to their deaths in the past simply for expressing their depths of wisdom.

Though these times are changing rapidly, this denial of voice has had far-reaching effects. One's throat chakra is a portal to expressing one's truth and holds the power of manifestation within it.  Even if we have not experienced it directly or as brutally, the suppression of our ancestors can remain with us spiritually across generations and time periods.

The current time is ripe for a massive reemergence of truth. In order to speak one's truth in soul integrity, one must learn to use the throat chakra again in a way that is loving and honours both the self and others. For the throat chakra is not only about speaking but also listening.

If you take a look around, you can see what happens when people suddenly awaken to the realisation that they do indeed HAVE A VOICE and a say in the affairs of the world. There is anger underneath that comes from all the times one DID NOT SPEAK. The result is a fury and a hyper-expression of the throat chakra that can lead to burnout and breakdown

It seems that the world has gone from one extreme (suppression of voice) to the total opposite (overt expression).

Neither of these two promises a safe space for the throat chakra to truly heal and function optimally.

So what can you do to Heal the Throat Chakra and come into balance and alignment with the true expression of your soul?

To speak powerfully and with respect for your energies so that you don't feel drained while your message gets heard?
To speak lovingly and with compassion for all life so that your heart can have a voice for its love?
To manifest your heart's desires and dreams through your command so you can truly live as a Co-Creator?

Join me at the Lion's Gate 8-8 portal for an awakening of the Throat Chakra energies to powerfully and lovingly express your truth.

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