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Health Breakthrough

Do you have health concern/s that are  making you anxious and worried about your future? Have you gone to health care practitioners not feeling like you are being heard or that your conditions is being passed off as something that your gut doesn’t agree with completely?

Are your symptoms waving from the land of mysteries, far away and make you feel hopeless and at a loss for solutions that work?

How about taking the confusion and stress about your health straight to the expertise of the spiritual realm where all answers lie…and where your body is regarded from the level of energy where blocks in your energy add up to create distress and dis-ease.

We will do this and more in a Health Breakthrough session. You bring your health conditions and receive:

  • a medical intuitive assessment of your energy 
  • insights into what patterns may have created this dis-harmony
  • energy healing meditation to treat the concern/s at the source
  • follow-up recommendations

These sessions are done in 50-minute blocks and are packaged in a series of two (for 1 condition) or five (for 2 or more major conditions).


I would recommend Sasha to anyone with health concerns, anxiety or emotional blocks. Realizing when my health concerns started has helped me realized other important things too that are huge. I really appreciated the insights and the meditation. The imagery is firmly with me. My entire reading was excellent. Our discussion, the meditation and my insights were spot on.

Shannon Lucas-Westrum

Ready to book in a breakthrough? Choose from the following packages:




*Includes your own prescriptive painting to help seal the energies in your space and a 20-min custom guided meditation. ($200. value)

Not sure if this will work for you or have other questions? Join me for a 20 min Consult and let’s chat!