Supercharge your Energy & Come Alive with Your Soul'S Purpose!

Attention: Heart-Centred Solopreneur, Ready to Attract the Abundant Success you Deserve in the World!
If you're tired of hiding in the shadows with your precious gifts and are dying to share more of your soul & heart light with the world, you're in the right place.

If you've faced many years of back and fro with your talents, stepping out into the light isn't so clear-cut. I'm here to help you break through those blocks & self-sabotaging doubts, as fully embodied, radiant and fulfilled with glowing success as can be! You deserve it and I know you are here because NOW is your time to take that next step.
Not only will your business soar, but your energy will too! Win-win!

You leave a session with Sasha with more clarity, peace of mind and understanding of yourself and your own journey through life. Whether or not you’ve had readings before, I highly recommend working with Sasha. You won’t want your session to end.

Veronica Acebedo

Spa Owner

for the first time in a long time, I’ve been able to focus and more productive. I even landed a new client! My world has shifted. Thank you!

Monique Welch

What Can I help you With?

Discovering your Gifts & Purpose in Life

Reclaiming your Energy & Power to Thrive Big

Finding Clarity & Peace in Uncertain Times

Fears and doubts can keep you stuck and unsure about taking the next step. I can help you break out of your crippling comfort zone and into alignment with your sacred path & purpose

Do you feel a loss of energy and passion for your life's work? Are chronic health issues getting in the way? I can help you stoke the fires of your passions and bring back your mojo.

Are you alone as you put yourself out there in the big, wide world? Your talents deserve to be nurtured and shared. I can provide space for them to be fun and high vibing, not constantly lost in a sea of self-doubt.


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She can help you no matter what level of consciousness you are at, and indeed has helped me no matter if I've been in full-blown panic mode or asking more spiritual questions from a calmer place.


Bitwine user

She truly saw and understood me, and she knew so many detailed things about myself — like my strengths and tendencies and what I'm going through right now — that not even the people closest to me know. 

Lindsay Maxfield