How I started healing from an undercover illness and the three-fold strategy you must know about

It was 4am and I was in tears. It was November 2011 and I had spent the entire month going round in circles visiting doctors and naturopaths.  Noone was listening and I was in turmoil partly because I barely had the strength to speak. I knew with every wispy thread of my being that something was wrong with my breathing and I also knew the root cause. Yet, a doctor actually looked at me and said ‘it’s all in your mind’. He was not the only one. I felt like I was living a life that was not my own. This was not just one month’s pain, it was an entire year before of running around pointing at my lungs, risking looking like a lunatic but doing it out of dedication to my truth.

It was only when the symptoms became severe enough to show a violent picture of ill-health that I heard from my naturopath: I think it’s much more serious than asthma. It’s viral pneumonia. What do you think, Sasha’. I was a mixed bag of emotions- relief but also knowing that I had lots of work to do to recover from this condition that had gotten out of control.

It was hard. But in the end, here was the three-fold strategy I used to get myself back on my feet:

(1) The Universe responds to emergencies. I had human angels around me in a time when I didn’t know if I would see the light of the next day. They came to me effortlessly, a welcome change from the other experience I’d been having. They were all present as much as they could be.

Step 1 : Stay open to ALL help, in whatever form it comes. Most importantly, it must feel like if it was sent on the wings of angels, delivered just in time for you just when you needed it most. In fact, one became my medical go-to-angel even though she was not a doctor or naturopath. Her soul-ar qualifications were all I needed for me to have trust in her always spot-on advice.


(2) In a time where my entire body, mind and soul was tired of running around to doctors who had no answers but only judgments, I trusted my instincts to follow my own path. Without this trust, I could easily have been drugged and depressed to the point of death. If you know me, you know that’s not me to give up yet it’s easy to see how someone could be forced along those lines simply because there’s no other ‘acceptable’ way.

Step 2: In times where critical decisions need to be made, our hearts speak LOUDLY. Believe in the guidance you receive at this time, especially if it is undeniable and banging at your front door (in your head).


(3) I would have gone as far and wide as I could to mend myself together again, and every part of me felt that. Naturally, I was presented with very exotic forms of healing, beyond just healing with herbs and nutritionally. In the end, I can safely say that energy healing accounted for 80% of my recovery. Without it, I would be gasping for air and drugged with antidepressants due to a breathing issue that was never officially diagnosed, even by the best doctors in town.

If I ever discredited my previous experiences with energy healing (also seemingly miraculous), I would be caught red-handed here.  Energy healing saves lives and heals serious, often long-standing conditions every day behind the scenes. Energy healing also works over distance due to the nature of energy to travel across time and space.

Step 3: Allow yourself to break free of limited thoughts that you can’t be healed or it just won’t work for you. Energy healing works because it is designed to work with our own self-healing capabilities. It is the most sacred form of healing to undertake because it cuts straight to the core of issues. You must be willing to go the extra mile, which is not a bad trade-off really for deep healing.



The energy healer must be able to hold a safe, pure space for the healing to be effective. Within the last year, I have been catapulted into the land of energy work, having access to more of this type of healing energy in sometimes awkward ways, literally toppling me over like a newborn in the early stages. It has been an incredible experience, often nerve-wracking but intensely fascinating. I am just amazed at the amount of energy the human body has access to without consciously knowing.

I believe in it 100% because I just cannot not believe in it. It has brought me out of dark places more gracefully than I could have anticipated. It’s something you need to experience to understand. To give yourself that gift takes openness, trust and putting aside limitations. We can all receive it!

Of course, you can also prevent much time and energy wasted in looking for a diagnosis later down the line when the body eventually receives the message of an illness looming beneath the surface. Shift your energy now while you can. Small steps will do and a little goes a LONG way.Your future self will be grateful for it.

I’d be honoured to help you in healing your body from the inside out before an undercover illness starts giving you undue stress and presents unnecessary drama-trauma. It can all be avoided.

And energy work can also help DURING an illness – in fact, for me, it was a necessary part of getting me walking again.

As in all delicate matters, listen to your heart.



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