How the Cosmos is helping you to Reinvent your Life Right Now

When we are in a state of transformation, we often do not realise it until long after- after the anguish, the tears, the pain and the frustrations of running round in circles or feeling like there is no way out of the misery. As the Sun leaves Leo and moves into Virgo, it may seem that attention is suddenly on the finer details of life. Precision, clarity and simplification are the watchwords of Virgo and the energy now is perfect for getting the job done and done well, that is, to perfection.

But more than that, with the upcoming New Moon in Virgo, it may feel almost like a tuning fork is being placed over your life. Virgo may be considered a neat freak, but she is actually not afraid to make a mess so that ALL the details come out of hiding.   These details span the emotions, mind, body and soul! Past the mid-point of the year, this is an opportunity to do a thorough check of everything under the hood in your life- what is TRUE or matches the person who you are right now? This may sound intimidating but rest assured that Virgo can spot order in chaos in a heartbeat.

But there is another higher level of use for this energy (Virgo is also conservative and just adores reaching two birds with one stone) and that is to come into greater alignment with your divine purpose and your dharma, or duty in the world. As you find your TRUE inner gifts and express that into the world, you not only help heal the world but you will experience greater levels of healing. This is not only simply a statement but there is evidence to support this too and I will share more on the FREE webinar for the New Moon. Your state of overall health is very much a reflection of how much you are tapping into your gifts and the energies are highly in favour of aligning with these Gifts of Spirit.

So the question now is how will you use the energies of this New Moon? How are you going to clarify your Gifts of Spirit and your divine Life’s Work. Time is precious and I’d love if you can join me on Monday to break down this journey to find your hidden Gifts into bite-sized chunks.

Here is your invitation: You are invited to share with me in the adventure as we do the work together to begin unwrapping our Gifts!


I hope that you can join in the Fun.

To Your Sparkling Diamond Health,


Video version of the  New Moon Forecast with the Astro Soul Oracle:

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