How to heal the Reality of the Darkness at the 11:11 Portal: An Initiation into Living Your Fullest Light

How to heal the Reality of the Darkness at the 11:11 Portal:
An Initiation into Living Your Fullest Light

It goes without saying, that unless you are living under a rock (and even then, you would probably hear the screams), the last months were intense. Not just for the U.S.A. and its citizens but for every single person living in this world. In fact, moreso if you are very sensitive and tuned in to your heart and can feel the collective tug of war. The U.S. presidential elections comes at the heels of the 11:11 portal, an awakening into the truth of the soul. It is a time of unprecedented healing of the shadows within the individual and there is no better background for saying 'YES' to massive change than this time. Whether you are in favour of who won the elections or not, it cannot be denied that this one represents change. Yet, the change will not come from the outside but from the inside, as it always does.

This is a time for action and not just talk.

What does this mean? In order to be 'safe' and feel powerful in the midst of all this chaos, each person on this planet (because, let's face it, what happens in the U.S.A. affects each one of us) is being asked to take full responsibility for him/herself. Noone outside of yourself is in charge of who you are in essence as a person. You have full autonomy over yourself as a soul and no politician would ever change that. Yes, there will be changes to policies but there are also things that you do not know yet how it will impact you. It could be good and it could be bad but you can be strong in the face of whatever it is shows up, trusting that you do have the tools within you to overcome and rise above.

Much darkness is being strewn around at this time that will no doubt divide many people. Yet, how each person treats one another should never be about who is at the top of the podium. Or should it? The best use of this result is to take your power back and roar your truest, loudest, most honest expressions of who you are as a soul in this beautiful human body in this world. It is that voice that will support the world as it finds its way back to balance. Life is always favouring the highest good of all and this case is no different.

How do you proceed through this time of darkness? Recognise the immensity of light and positivity that is also streaming in at the same time. Give thanks for the potentials and opportunities for change, which is really allowing you to become more empowered. Life is going to make you listen up to the truth and reality of what really lies around you in every corner of your life. What you do with it is up to you.

Change is often not wrapped up in pretty ribbons and sometimes can appear downright ugly. Pay attention to how you feel at this time and stand with the force of who you are and what you came here on this planet to do. Be the light of your vision- only you can do so (with the tonnes of spiritual support available for you)!

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