How to hold the dogs of karma at bay

What if the things you thought you couldn’t change, you could.

What if one of these things were karma.

What we have learnt

Karma is something that has been replayed in our minds over and over.  We did something good, so something good is due to us. We did something bad, so something bad is due to us.

What’s the result

We think we are victims. That we just have to accept these situations in our lives-  the unhealthy relationships that make us sick in our stomach, the blocks to creations of all shapes and kinds (babies, projects, your ideas), the dreams that don’t quite go the way we want.

For a long time, I put up with the notion that I had little voice and that it wasn’t really important what I said. I ended up having major breathing issues. Can you see how the thought grew bigger and bigger till it let my body know about it. I thought I was a certain way period because I was trained to see myself this way. The only karma involved there is the one that never healed.

Mind you, some things are really beyond our control and we must surrender in the process of healing but….

Our limitations are under our control

So yes, you are actually reading these words: your karma is only old energy that hasn’t been released from you yet. There is no need to berate yourself for your situation. Your only concern to healing the wounds of karma is asking the question:

Why have they not been released? 

This is where there is an opportunity to heal thyself. You see this old energy causes our body to act like on autopilot as it is fed instructions to do things a  certain way. We get angry at the same things, react with fear to the same sort of triggers, and withdraw from our bodies in certain uncomfortable situations. Not only that, but our health issues are VERY much related to these patterns…patterns that grow bigger in time.

We keep entertaining these reactions because we have not yet fully released them.

But what are we waiting for? And how can we start the process of releasing?

Stay tuned for more on this topic.

In the meantime, don’t let the dogs of karma bite. They can get vicious.


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