Are your words falling flat? Here’s a two-step process to weigh your words.

Of course, you must know who wrote Hamlet. The literary genius who stood his ground whilst the world waged wars is still as alive today. Here is a quip from the brilliant William Shakespeare:

“My words fly up, my thoughts remain below.  Words without thoughts never to heaven go.”  – Claudius in Hamlet


What is Claudius saying to Hamlet here? Moreso what is Shakespeare saying to us? Paraphrased, it can mean “words without an equivalent focused thought are likely to fall flat on the floor.”



If you can picture a word that is in need of a pair of wings to fly to reach to the listener”s ear, what type of wings would it need?

Of course, every wing would be different depending on the thoughts and motives of the speaker. So, if the speaker were to inject a colourful, fun-filled attitude into the word ‘faith’, the pair of wings may look like like the image on the left.


If the intent behind a word gives the features of the wings- the wings that relay the message of the word to the recipient-, it is clear that one word can have an infinite number of wings depending on the person, tone and intent.

The weight of the word can be measured by the character of the wings– colour, shape, size, and texture.

In other words, your invisible mental forces or your intention can greatly influence the delivery and impact of your words. One word may mean a whole different thing when spoken by a different speaker.

So how do we make sure our words get delivered with meaning, clarity and truth? How do we say what we really mean?



The Two-Step Process:

1. Identify the word, and identify its wings based on the underlying intent. Get colourful, bold, and distinct as you identify the character of the wings.

2. Pick up a dictionary, find the word and make sure its intent is not too far off from its formal meaning.

This is a delicate process of weighing the word’s meaning with yours to make sure it conveys the message well. If the scale tips over, it’s just not going to work.


and the word will indeed fall flat on the floor before it reaches the intended person. In this case, you will need to re-do the process with another word.

It is also important to make sure our words are aligned with our thoughts when using affirmations. See this video for more helpful tips.

When an acceptable match is made between the wing character and the word, attach them together and send with all your heart.



It is imperative that we are clear in our words. If we say words that we do not mean or are misunderstand, then our words will fall flat and we lose energy in the process. This is energy that could have been used to build relationships and not break them down.

Speak with integrity, and you will be amply rewarded in your relationships and in your satisfaction in life. Not everyone is at a position to read the intent behind the words. When you do your part, you can let the rest sort itself out in the other person’s mindd.

To quote Shakespeare in Hamlet again,

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.”


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