Solve the Mystery of your Illness in Three Easy Steps:



 This is where we agree on the goal for today. I work with you to detect the most relevant spiritual origin of your illness. This is extremely important before anything else can be done. If you have a physical problem, I will look deeply into your body to locate the unhealed wound that is displaying itself on the surface. Until this step is not done, no proper, long-lasting results can be guaranteed.


Now that the origin has been detected, we follow the storyline of how your illness was created. It is in this step, that old wounds start healing below the surface of the dis-ease. Powerful shifts take place at this stage. This step is the actual journey, where I am guided to help you extract certain patterns of behaviour and issues as the destination goal becomes nearer.


We are at our destination and closer into the resolution of the root of your dis-ease. You will be given clear action steps to follow through with, which will help you maintain where you are and not relapse into old ways. You will also be given a breakdown of your results. Changes may appear on the outside soon after. In following sessions, I will help you to stay focused and committed to the shifts made alongside your bigger destination goal.

My body and mind were resistant in its journey but my heart was open. I found that the information that was presented was something that I knew but hide that truth within below because I don’t want to deal with it. I also found some new solutions to approach by self with small acts of kindness for myself through self care.
One week later: Thank you for your energy report…. I took only three advils. I usually take 7 to 9….

Renee Eva Pena

Before my session with Sasha, I had been feeling off-centred. I was having difficulty connecting to myself and the energies around me. During my integrative healing sesion, Sasha led me through a journey which reconnected me to my confidence in my capabilities as a healer. Issues were not only brought to light as to why I was having difficulties but I was given simple tools to use to correct them.My favourite part of working with Sasha was how healing the space she created was. She knew what I needed- even when I was unable to adequately express it and created a space in which I could release emotions and ask questions. As an energy healer, Sasha gently pushes you into a better relationship with yourself. She is so full of love and brings that love to every session.

Ceridwen Emily

I remember it like it was yesterday… I was in severe neck pain from sneezing too hard the day before and decided to take some OTC pain killers. When the painkillers wore off, I felt worse than I did before taking them. From that point, I decided I wasn’t going to take any more meds and just rest off the pain. Then came Sasha who was genuinely concerned about my health. Needless to say, with a combination of an aromatherapy oil and her massaging technique (a massage without a massage), I was in substantially less pain half hour after and was even able to move my neck around with little discomfort.Not only was I relieved that I no longer had to take medication that made me feel out of sorts, but I was also genuinely touched by Sasha’s care and patience. I truly felt that her technique also unlocked some of my other work stress going on at the time as well ….! (I look at modern medicine in a different light now)

Sonia Ibrahim

Looking for a clear-cut process in the approach to your health concerns that takes into account your spiritual body, which often goes unchecked in many mystery illnesses.

Looking for real, long-term results to health concerns that factors in ALL of you?

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