Have you checked your spiritual mailbox lately?  What messages and words of guidance do you guides have for you? Maybe there's an area of your life that is confusing you and bringing you some worries and anxieties. Why not check what your spiritual helpers are wanting you to know now about it as you move ahead.

Click on the envelopes below to select the corresponding reading.


Crystal-Eyes Rainbow Reading

Hear from the Rainbow Guides! These include animals, plant, fairies, angels, minerals, planets and stars,among others. They bring to you integrated guidance and healing.

This is a longer reading ~ 555 words and is written as a journey describing the landscape of your guides and features a past-present-future timeline.

Spirit Guide Portrait with Reading

A picture says a thousand words and more! You will get a spirit guide drawing as well as a written interpretation (~300 words) and insights on a question or area of life you’d like some clarity on. Each drawing is unique to the situation and person asking. Drawings can be printed off and used as a 'live' meditation tool.

S.O.S. Messages – Reading ‘Quickies’

Shorter readings, delivered within one- two business days of your order. Your emergency message team is at your service!

Mini Flash Astro Soul Reading

This is a 200 word reading giving you both a spiritual perspective on your area of concern/question and action step/s to take around it.

Spirit Guide Portrait

Spirit Guide Portrait as above but with 4-5 words around the portrait replacing the written reading.