The Libran New Moon and Why it’s not all about Astrology

It is that time again. The Sun and Moon are in Libra, the planet of balance and harmony. Libra is a masculine sign with a feminine character, also indicative of balancing our male and female aspects within.

But what does that really mean?

And what do we look like when we come into harmony with our male and female sides, which we all have within us.

This is where I need to share a little secret with you.

Actually, it’s a big one. And it won’t be a secret for long so might as well spill the beans while it’s a secret! (Libra loves play!)

I am going to use my Astro Soul Card Oracle Deck to do a reading for the Libran New Moon.

How is that possible you may ask? Won’t playing with astrology further complicate an astrological event that already exists ie Libran New Moon?

Actually, it can help. If you want to really understand and work with the human psyche, you don’t ask a fairy, right. You ask a fellow human. Same with the planets.

You see the energies of the planets are always there no matter if they are visible or making an aspect (Yes, they are stronger when there’s a clear event like a Solar Eclipse featuring Capricorn/Cancer, say)

Instead of wondering how the planets are affecting us, won’t it be more fun and ten times more empowering of our selves to ask ‘Which planet wishes to guide ME now?’. The same goes for any astrological or astronomical event such as a meteor shower.

The heavens are benevolent and wish to help you achieve your highest goal, your true purpose here on Earth. They move FOR YOU as described eloquently by the clairvoyant Edgar Cayce.


And with that, here is the card for the Libran New Moon:



Keywords: Infinite energy, hidden self

Mantra: ‘I access the infinite potential of my energy when I tap into my hidden self’

Astro: Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. It is also called the Dog Star and has a bluish-white hue.

Soul: Yes! You have the energy to do what it takes to overcome your challenges. Perhaps it is a challenge of physical healing. Know that within you lies the keys to unlock full healing of whatever ails you. The keys are in your hands and it is time to turn it in the direction of who you are at your core.

Oracle: Is there a place in your life that is lacking in energy right now? There are ways and methods of healing to help you. Access these tools as these will help you trigger your own healing and open the door to more energy. Look out for signs along your path that point you in this direction, especially the ones that keep ringing loud and clear to you. These are the gifts to you that will help you tap into the energy of your own buried healing potential.

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Now, applied to the Libran New Moon energies of balancing the male and female, this card indicates that we do have the ability to balance our male and female aspects. It may involve looking at hidden potential and unresolved healing. The end result is almost like a rocket launching off, fuelled up and backed by a perfectly grounded position within our bodies. Note that the masculine energies typically involve the right side of the body and the feminine energies, the left side. There is a need also to balance the act of giving and receiving in a tangible sense by giving and receiving to yourself first, whatever that looks like for you.

Astrology is much more than just the arrangement of the stars- that is science. You will be using your intuition more when you use the cards in this way as shown above.

Now, for the real secret!

You are cordially invited to the launch party for the Astro Soul Oracle Card Deck today at 8pm


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Hope to see you there!



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