Guided Journey Meditations

Curly_Girl_48to help you be all you can be!


Get your own custom meditation (yes, that’s right)

Click below to fill out a form to purchase your own custom meditation. This is perfect if you want something to cater for your particular situation. If you want a meditation to gently trigger you into more of what you want to see and experience in your life, this is for you. Best used before sleep.

You can also get a sketch to go along with your meditation to help you connect with a pure space for your personal healing visually.

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Done-for-you Guided Meditations

These meditations were pre-recorded and contain a journey that is specifically designed to target the major issues we all face. There is soft background music to complement the ambience. If you don’t see the meditation you’re looking for below, you may request one above.

Click on the individual titles below to be taken to the meditation page where you can also download them for $5.55 each.

Journey to help you Express Yourself  

img_4887_1_1“Sasha’s soothing voice and softly spoken words helped relax and become more creative for an article I’m working on right now. I recommend this particular meditation if you’re looking to let go of judgement and express yourself genuinely.”

Alejandra Ruani of HealthDivas

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