Message for you from the Seahorse for the Harvest Full Moon in Pisces

What a busy month it has been this September! After the intense detoxifying and pulverising nature of August’s energies, you may have been left a bit dazed at the start of this month trying to pick up the pieces and walk on solid ground again. Today’s full moon is working its magic with yet another eclipse- a penumbral lunar eclipse meaning there will be a little shaded portion of the moon.  The Full moon represents illumination and revelations but the eclipse spiritually will add an undercurrent to it. In Pisces, its the emotions that go for a ride deep below the surface and bring forth the deeper spiritual meanings of what’s nor working within our relationships (eclipse). It can lead to major aha moments and revelations that have a far-reaching impact on our soul’s purpose.

fullmoon2016septsThe channelled Spirit Guide for this special Full moon is the Seahorse. The Seahorse represents a certain strength that comes within the release of emotions and realisations of discontent. Things may seem to fall apart for a while but it is the reflections now that will serve your highest good for how you would like to move forward in the future. You always have a choice. Yet, the seahorse is here to help you face your emotions head-on, things you may have been neglecting and slowly, draining your energy. The seahorse keeps things flowing and moving despite the currents and its strength is in feeling and in so doing, seeing the reality for what it is.

Flow and glide with the waves and remember that despite the chaos, there is a force of strength within you that can help you to stabilise and come to terms with what you see.

Blessings for an illuminating Full Moon!

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