Is there a method to your madness?

You like it when you actually get things you want to do done, right?

You may have been going through a dry spell, and not feeling all that inspired to work when as if by magic, a rush of inspired energy fills your body and your hands and feet are eager to get going.

And so you spin around like a top from one task to another, one missed appointment to another and one unfinished project to another.

All this energy is just great and you feel like you have greased the wheels and the gears are in full spin!

But gears do need some oiling too, especially after lots of quick wear and tear. In other words, you are still human! All those things you have accomplished are great but


If you don’t abide by the laws of nature, naturally it can correct that imbalance for you.

You may get ill, have an injury or something occurs as if by ‘accident’ as if to stop you.

It’s all to bring you back into the state of balance.

For every masculine form of doing, acting and pushing hard to rally on to find the answer,

there is a feminine form of waiting, receiving and just letting things rest for a while.

Which side have you been swinging on lately?

And what can you do to restore the natural order, the order that brings you into harmony with the balance of Life.

For in balance, there is peace and the secret home of synchronicities and all the soulful things that were meant to find their way to you.

Will you allow them a smooth journey home?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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