There is an Indian proverb that goes:

“Everyone is a house with four rooms, a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but, unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person. “- Rumer Godden

What I enjoy most about healing

I work in a truly holistic way, going into each of these rooms in turn and airing out the stories that make up your past, present and can sabotage your future life.

My speciality is cutting to the heart of the situation, where your truth may have been sacrificed- this can be any part of life and most especially, in health. When you don’t live your truth, you run into confusion, despair and can tangle yourself up unnecessarily in a dubious web of patterns that seem to repeat uncontrollably.

How I do my work

There may have been times in the past where you just knew something wasn’t right about your situation and were confused because all around you was the opposite.

My approach is to empower you to see the truth for yourself. Changes are more lasting when you take back your power to heal yourself and create your best life.

I guide you in various directions – up, down, right, left, circles and to the centre – in a journey where you are able to reconnect with yourself. Solutions are brought right to the surface.

I will help you clean out some dark corners in your life, a profoundly life-changing experience but also a time for celebration! For that is when a new you can emerge.

Your invitation to your own healing

Are you ready to reclaim more of your life- relationships, health, purpose- all of it? (There are simply no limits but your own willingness to be you).

You can only aim higher than you are right now. Miracles are your birthright. Nothing is impossible in the bigger picture of energy, flow and life.

Our bodies pulse with a rhythm that is unique to us and known by the earth.


I will be honoured to help you re-connect to your essence, to release the stories of dis-ease and dis-connection and help you regain your passion and love for life so that you may live regally once more.

Are you ready to be more of who you know you were meant to be?


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