[New Moon in Cancer] N.O.U.R.I.S.H.~ 5 Paths to Healing Your Mother Wounds

The Moon enters Cancer for this New Moon. Cancer brings forth nurturing and bears the image of the mother, which represents divine love and nurturing. This symbol though means different things to different people based on experiences.

Below are 5 paths that can help you heal your mother wounds at thist time:

Nutrition – How are you nurturing yourself? Your mother was the original source of food for you as a baby. Are you following your cravings only? The highest path is the one that allows your body to feel healthy and alive

OUR – Our refers to the connection you had with your mother. What stories remain buried within and emerge roaring to the surface? What can you learn from, acknowledge and heal? Are you able to provide that mothering spirit to your own inner child?

Income – Do you feel able to support yourself now financially? Do you still carry forward any resistance to this from the past? Money is a representation of abundance. Do you feel worthy of receiving?

Sensitivity – Are you connected to your emotional world and do you feel safe to express your feelings? Conversely, how often do emotions rule your decisions?

Home –  Do you feel safe and at home in your body and in your space? Do you feel the warmth around you? What do you define as ‘home’?

Check out the video below for more insights around the energy of this time.

P.S.-There’s a message for you in there!




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