[New Moon in Gemini] Opening up to Heart-Centred Inspiration- Awakening the Heart & Third-Eye Chakra

The May 25 New Moon in airy Gemini is hot on the heels of a major heart awakening on the planet. Last week was a doozey for many, especially for those who can feel energies very strongly. Headaches, brain fog, stomach irritation and irritability were all key symptoms that spoke volumes and represented the body’s resistance and acknowledgement of a major portal opening. This portal is an energetic doorway to new beginnings and new ideas being suddenly given the wings to fly.

Add the Gemini to the mix and there is a sudden burst of inspiration and facts on a wide range of subjects made more accessible. One can only turn to the mainstream media to see this happening in more detail. The last Full Moon, which was in Scorpio represented a time of diving deep into the dark web mysteryies and daring to go that extra mile into the depths. Scorpio won’t back down and Gemini adds the voice to what has been collected and gathered to  be illuminated on the surface- the diligent reporter. This a time of insights and revelations with the blessings of powerful heart energies.

To make the most of these energies, here are two videos for you to enjoy. You do not need to do anything except sit back and let the light and sound energies encoded do their work:

Awakening the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra allows you to feel love and express that love in your life.  You can make best use of this portal by moving to open your heart, not close it down.

Click the play button below to lift your heart into the vibration of love and joy.

Awakening the Third-Eye Chakra

The Third-Eye Chakra allows you to see clearly given the information presented to you. Gemini’s gift is that of information and the best way to use this information is to be discerning with it. Know what is fact from fiction, and what is necessary from what is irrelevant.

Click play below to infuse your Third Eye with inspiration and light.

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