Cleanse. Tone. Energise:
The Ultimate Starter Kit to Firing up Your Passions for 2017 in under an hour!

  • Meet 2017 with your best face on and let it know you mean business when it comes to taking your passions by storm! First impressions count. There's simply no more time to waste on the dramas of 2016. Agreed?
  • This New Year is a Year 1 in Numerology, a year of Beginnings. It's time to cross the bridge from a place of hiding away your passions to a whole new space of your choosing. Would it be one where you are fired up with purpose and rearing to go? This Free Starter Kit has got you covered!

Hi, I'm Sasha. I've been helping gifted women like you develop and hone their talents by holding a mirror up to the fiery potential that lies inside them. I can show you all the secret sides of what's holding you back and what you can be- with colour, play and pixies of purpose!

“ Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success. ” - Henry Ford

I had a session with Sasha yesterday and it totally transformed my day! Went from barely being able to get out of bed to cleaning the house, running errands, and running my business! Highly recommend to anyone needing support or a boost! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my heart and I now have the energy to go about my day!

Lynsey Landry

I loved your free call! It was such an effective way to see what I see important in my future and short term. I loved how I can easily take steps to make my near future a reality. Your activity to use left hand tickled my brain to think different.

Luz Garcia-Pennock

Sasha is amazing - she can help you no matter what level of consciousness you are at, and indeed has helped me no matter if I've been in full-blown panic mode or asking more spiritual questions from a calmer place. I really appreciate her assistance, generosity and compassion.

Samantha W.

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In this kit you will find:

"The Cleanser"

One 30 minute recorded webinar complete with visuals that will guide you step-by-step to remove the dirt and grime that 2016 left in your energy fields (no hard feelings but that's how it is)

"The Toner"

One soul artpiece for you to tune into the spirit of the New Year and honour the last one (hint: accept. accept. accept).
(Self-guided meditation- 5 minute)

"The Energiser"

One simple worksheet-guided activity for you to quickly fill out and take with you into 2017. (Move over, resolutions- there's a new baby in town!- 10 min)

Bonus-- "The Lifter": 

"Live' cheerleading in the form of a Facebook group to fire up your intentions to liftoff!

Sasha this is so so so gorgeous! I really loved the visualisation aspect!! thank you SO much! I love this, the image and your voice and audio that you've created for me.

Viknes Vari

This kit will disappear very soon. Get yours now! (It's free)