How one Painting Can Bring you Back to Life

Center yourself

Take a deep breath — inhale for 3 counts and exhale for 3 counts.

Repeat 5 times.

Look at the painting below for 60 seconds.



Look at the symbol and imagine yourself in the scene if you can.

How do you feel? Note this feeling.

Give yourself a few more moments here- in fact, allow yourself as much time as you need with this feeling.

What is this feeling?

This painting serves as an example of a Yantra, or meditative tool. It is a representation of the feeling in its visual form.

Yet, just as a piece of music can both embody a feeling, it can also instill it in the listener. So too, can a painting.

Honouring the past

In ancient times, shamanic healers were considered the go-to medicine men. They KNEW just what to do when a person was ill because they were tapped into the flow of life to receive this information. They believed that we all dream our worlds into reality, that we can literally mould and shape our reality with our thoughts.

Seeing the present

This belief of shamans is supported by quantum physics, which describes the core of everything to be energy and the fact that you can literally think things into being. It may not happen immediately, but your thoughts sets ripples into the stream of this world that over time, can form waves and take shape and form. Now thoughts are also energy and it follows that by harnessing your thoughts, you can create your reality. You can literally save yourself, heal yourself, and re-create yourself as you desire- according to both past and present cutting-edge wisdom!


When you focused on the painting above, you would have received the energy of balance and the peace that comes with it. Compare this to what you noted earlier. This feeling you felt would have then, as you sat with it, allowed you to think thoughts associated with that feeling. With this painting in your presence, you can exercise your rightful role as a creator in your life by aligning your thoughts with the state of balance and peace.

Thoughts shape reality and dream worlds can become real.

In fact, the Australian Aboriginals, call the dream world, their Dreamtime – a space where time and space becomes void and you guessed it, anything is possible. Anything, including creating your life as you want it.

Paintings that carry energy signatures are a tool that can help you draw in the world of your dreams.

But we can aim for higher!

But what if there was a painting that depicted the FULL, MAGNIFICENT essence of you?

With your astrology chart, I can depict the nature of who you are for you to use as a means of remembering your worth and essence in times of despair and hopelessness and also in times of joy. One painting that captures the essence of you can literally bring you back to life..(and be a pat on the back when you think you don’t deserve the good waiting at your doorstep)!

These are simple tools but are available and ready to be created just for you. (See Gallery and here too)

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We will make your dreams come true in paint!

(Then, it’s only a matter of time till the ripples becomes waves..).


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