~Actualise Your Divine Potential~

Get insights, spiritual support, energy healing to move past resistance and blocks and clarity of direction to relieve stresses around uncovering your path and purpose.

Hey, Superstar! (I’m calling you out!)
You’re a multipassionate woman with a penchant for creating major waves in the lives of those you touch.

with every fibre in your being that your intention is for the highest good but your doubts and fears of all that could go wrong- again stop you in your tracks….right before you take that big leap.

It’s time to claim your divine destiny… with the help of the unique talents you have to offer the world (you know, those things that you wish you could shout about out loud from the mountaintops).

Confusion around your purpose, low energy and drive, and feeling restless on your life’s path are all symptoms of a deeper condition- the inability to step into your OWN big shoes (aren’t you glad they can’t walk by themselves?!)

It may also feel lonely at times and frustrating enough for you..enough to think you should just give up and get  back to ‘regular programming’.

But you didn’t reach this point without a story behind you, a tireless desire to fulfil a greater soul mission and create a business fuelled by the GIFTS you are meant to GIVE your tribe.

You may not even be sure at this time if the path you are heading on is going to be another nightmare, costing you sacrifices of energy, time and precious resources.

Is this going to be all worth it in the end, you ask
How do I stand out in a world where everyone is doing the same thing
Can I really add value to people’s lives like I think I can

With these questions running through your head, it can be hard to find clarity and a sense of direction on your path.

But this is where I can help you – to get back in tune with your unique talents, the 
secret weapons in navigating the world of  your soul’s purpose. EACH talent has its role whether it seems to pay back financially or not right now.

Getting back your mojo and the rewards of rallying as much of you up for your bigger purpose is priceless. After all, it’s what you’re here to do! As you put one foot forward, you will be met with the support to expand and grow! It is divine law so why not embrace the tools you already have and the support team rooting for you?


Sasha's insight was insanely spot on and with a level of detail that was beyond this world for me especially considering it was a one off question. Even though i realised after posting my question that i did it wrongly, the deck is about asking questions around our purpose and talents, i ended up asking a personal life question and she still responded anyway with an answer that was incredibly deep for me (she wouldn't know this but since asking my question there were developments that were very scarily similar to what she responded back to me with!

Soul-Streaming Alchemy Coaching

Thank you very much Sasha for my Talent Breakthrough message. It resonates even more now than the first time I read it.. My soul is happy! It will definitely help me in my messaging. Thank you again!

Theany Chan 

The reading was incredible and you can’t imagine how helpful / encouraging it is.
It touched me so deeply and reminded myself of the truth.

Love the image, so beautiful and meaningful – printed and put on the wall, as well as the message -it’s uplifting and motivating, especially on those days when experiencing doubts.

Gita Gavare Marotis 

My soul portrait is incredible. Things showed up in it that I did not even mention- and they are things like the home I am wanting to purchase and the divine symbol that follows me everywhere. I was not sure what this would deliver and it has brought me clarity, connection, joy and love. I highly recommend this as it is just a beautiful experience and Sasha is incredibly gifted.

Katie Kozlowski 

This is genuinely the best reading I've ever had! Very honest, patient and calm. She comes from an empathic place as she tapped into her abilities to empower me by making me see the bigger picture and understanding my talents. Thank you! 10 stars!


What you get in each Superstar Strategy Session (55 mins):

(1) A sacred space to re-centre and refocus on you, the talents that are calling out for you to use right now and how you can go about making the biggest impact with them.

(2) Breaking through any fears you have that are stopping you from stepping up and into committing to your highest soul path. This will include guided energy healing into the worlds of your spiritual guides, where you will find deep healing to break through ages-old blocks and receive powerful messages to help you blast off on your path with purpose.

(3) Psychic insights to your most burning questions around your life’s path, whatever it may be! Anything goes here, once it is related in some way to your business (and it usually is in most cases)

(4) Coaching with action steps to implement for the next session. I am an empath and very understanding but when I see you shrinking back from your light, I will let you know…always with love.

  • If you choose the Accelerating Superstar package, you will also get a Spirit Guide Portrait, to connect you with the energies at work for you now. This will be an image you can turn to help ACTIVATE you into your highest soul path at the time (value $35.).


The journey was very refreshing and encapsulated what I have been going through and where I am headed. It was beautiful, truly. The colors that were represented in the journey were super helpful. I’ve been wondering what colors to use for my website. After the session, it seemed like a no-brainer to just use the colors that appeared since we discussed their meanings. The decision really resonated with my target audience. because I got a lot of wonderful feedback about it. The additional confidence/security I gained from connecting inward on the journey has helped me push myself in my business. Everything feels easier because I fully trust my inner guides and myself. Because I feel as though I’m able to continue tapping into the vibrational energy we harnessed during the reading, and attracting the type of clients and people I want in my life has been easier

Chandra Scott 

A session with Sasha Niala is magical, soothing, and serendipitous! She takes you on a magical journey that at times feels fantasy like, and little by little the images and stories come together and you see your whole life, your challenges, your blocks your dreams so clearly that all you can do is be reenergized and inspired. It’s an experience like no other . I laughed, took deep sighs, and had many aha moments through the process. Sasha has a true gift.

Taryn Pyle 

  • to get unstuck with your talents and capitalise on your UNIQUE impact in your work?
  • to banish doubts and fears about your soul’s work that block you financially?
  • to get clarity on the most fulfulling path of highest distinction for your soul?
  • to gain confidence in your own ideas you need to take that next step with your business
  • to not sacrifice getting your passions and creative work out in the world because of finances
    Now may just the time to take your divine abilities out of their hiding places and allow them to PROPEL your business into motion! As you embrace your soul gifts, your tribe can more fully embrace you from the crowd.
You don’t make the waves you are meant to make by holding back your divine magic, so let’s take that leap together!

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*to be used over 1 month

*to be used over 2 months

Sasha is amazing! She is incredibly intuitive. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve had readings before but this was a completely different experience. She takes you on a journey that is truly “one of a kind”. Not only that, but she hits the nail on the head with each piece of guidance and message she gives you. You leave a session with her with more clarity, peace of mind and understanding of yourself and your own journey through life. Whether or not you’ve had readings before, I highly recommend working with Sasha. You won’t want your session to end. I could go on but you’ll just need to experience it yourself to truly understand how powerful her work is.

Veronica Acebedo