A picture does speak a thousand words, mostly in a language that transcends the rational mind.
There is a something that a soul painting can do, that a written reading or even Skype session cannot.
It can help you remind yourself each day of the beauty within and around you.

It can trigger subconcious memories and feelings to help heal deep issues by connecting you directly to your higher self.

It can help you heal just by being in its presence through the array of light frequencies it emits.

Below I list some combos of readings and paintings that can help anchor in your full soul self in all its colours.

HIGHER SELF COMBO: Akashic Records Reading/Life Path Reading + Higher Self Portrait

The Higher Self Portrait shows you in full expression with your soul gifts and living your true soul's purpose. It is a full-coloured painting that helps you connect with the essence of your being and remind you of your full potential.
With a Life Path Reading, the total price = $144. + shipping

With an Akashic Records Reading, the total price= $177. + shipping

*Shipping can range from $10.-$25.

THE ASTRO ANGLE: "Story of You" Astrological Painting

The "Story of You" Astrological Painting comes with an Astro Soul Oracle Forecast and Guidance for the coming months. The painting itself gives a depiction of your strengths and weaknesses and is an interpretation of your birth chart. Can also be done for the energy of couples or groups.
See this link for more.

SOUL ENERGY SIGIL (now included with a Life Path Reading)

This digital drawing is a token from your guides and Spirit to help you unlock the next step on your path as you move through the challenges now.
Check this page for samples.

More options available at ascendedsoulart.com