Get all the support you need to get more of the right things done in your business without the anxiety and overwhelm

The Peaceful Productivity bundle is comprised of accountability, tools, healing and guidance to help you defeat those negative thoughts that keep you stuck, resistant and pushing away the divine blessings of peace, love and financial abundance meant for you. 


I have lots of understanding about inner work and yet, you wonderfully surprised me. Your knowledge and technique is absolutely brilliant and it was super easy to go through the healing process. I am super grateful as just after only 3 sessions with you and you helped me more than what I had invested during the last 15 years. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their live and circumstances to get your help ASAP.

Gita Gavare Confidence Coach

Here's what you get when you sign up today:

The Live Group Challenge runs from November 1-21.

Each day, we will make steps away from anxiety and towards greater peace and productivity.

You will start to trust your own guidance and intuition more with each passing day as you become more grounded, present and relaxed in your you can move forward effortlessly with your goals.

This is the state that naturally draws in what is meant for your highest good, and just feels good!

In 21 days, we will set a new pattern of peaceful productivity together, rewiring your brain and helping you commit to the most aligned actions to achieve your dreams of greater happiness, income and impact.

Time Commitment: 10-15 minutes a day

Alongside the Live Challenge, you will get a Journal with prompts and activities for you to help overcome anxiety and overwhelm each day while you regain greater focus on your goals and commitment to your dreams.

Each of the 21 days, you will receive support to beat anxious thoughts about a different area of business and life! You will emerge more confident, secure and excited about your future with tangible results of success- clients, cash and fulfilment.

You will also find a Progress Tracker to help you see more clearly the positive changes you are making throughout the challenge.

Ever felt like you're in this all alone? Anxiety can make you feel like it's you against the world. But not anymore...

Alongside the Live Challenge, you'll receive accountability and support in a private group with the option for Coworking Sessions and more!

Get the extra oomph you need to commit to your goals of peace and motivation to catch up on all those things you may have procrastinated about and put aside.

It's time to give your full heart to your dreams and watch life reward you with love, abundance and happiness.

Dive deeper and receive more personalised support from me in a 50 min Intuitive Therapy Session.

You will receive healing and the space for you to process what is coming up for you, to release what is needed from your body, heart and mind so you can be more fully present now to receive your blessings.

Welcome in calm, confidence and security.

Two relaxing guided meditations are included for your enjoyment whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Drop the weights and worries of the future and embrace your most peaceful, loving, joyful life now.

Words from Past Clients:

'It helped me create a habit of showing up regularly...if you have low motivation and difficult to show up regularly, I can tell you this definitely will help you
I did feel my resistance was dissolving, way easier to show up in my business and more and more confident. The course helped you do things 70% easier....Sasha helps you with both the energy and practical, technical parts of business' 

'I found that as I moved through Sasha's course, the fear and disconnection was clearing and I was becoming more aligned with my business and was on board with what I wanted to succeed in in my business. I found listening to the meditations before sleep help me feel really grounded and connected to my business the next day.' 

Ready to finish 2021 strong
...with more peace and prosperity?

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