Your Personalised Soul Painting


What can you expect in a Personalised Soul Painting?

Have you always imagined what you would be like if you REALLY lived your life as you meant it to be? Tools like astrology and numerology can bring us closer to seeing ourselves in all our glory-the subtle and bold strengths and weaknesses that colour our personality and life path. In a personalised painting, one is able to have a visual of the infinite self in the unique expression that makes up his/her individual nature. With or without astrology, this visual can be achieved.

But remember, astrology is not just about predictions. It describes in great detail your unique blueprint – the special signature that you stamp throughout your life- whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It outlines your sensitivities and your sweet spots- your weaknesses and your strengths.

In an Astro Soul painting, I will combine the guiding wisdom of the distinct symphony of planets and signs at the time of your birth with the messages from your soul and the planetary alignments now. Think of this portrait as a snapshot of “higher” wisdom- from your Higher Self and the stars above in the skies.

Astrology adds another layer to the painting if included and allows a more detailed type of personalisation. For intance, a Moon in Cancer person could find that sensitivities and emotions are more important than the Moon in Aries person. If we remember that there are 9 planets and 12 signs and a whole range of qualities that colour a person’s chart, then we can see the breadth and depth of astrological science.

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