Spirit Guide Portrait

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A picture says a thousand words and more!

Receive deep messages of clarity and support from your spirit guides on a question of your choice in the form of a channelled spirit guide portrait drawing. Usually, these portraits come with a written reading but the focus here is on the energy that comes directly from the landscape of your guides.

There will be 4-5 words around the drawing to help you tune into more into the meaning of the image.

Print off and use as a meditation tool as a ‘living’ reminder of your guides’ wisdom and portal for their healing energies.

1 review for Spirit Guide Portrait

  1. Katie Kozlowski

    My portrait is incredible. Things showed up in it that I did not even mention- and they are things like the home I am wanting to purchase and the divine symbol that follows me everywhere. I was not sure what this would deliver and it has brought me clarity, connection, joy and love. I highly recommend this as it is just a beautiful experience and Sasha is incredibly gifted.

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