Feeling aches and pains and uneasy that you’re not quite feeling your body as powerfully as it can be?

Positive, focused attention when done in a way that is aligned with your highest state of health is incredibly powerful. It can literally move pain away from where it is lingering around waiting for you to give it the final ‘okay’ that it is time to leave your body. When you tune into your energetic template of well-being, you can more gracefully bring this into your body and tune into what really it is you are feeling under the pain. You may find it easier to gain perspective on decisions you need to make around your health as well. 

Your body is a portal that connects your spiritual energy to the outer reality. This means that for each body area, you will also be working on related issues as it pertains and shows up in your body. I have included some of these in brackets in the outline below.

This is a complete energetic tune-up just like you would do for any machine, because every part of your body is connected to every other part and affects it in some way. You won’t leave your car halfway fixed at the mechanic’s. Your body works even more dynamically!

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The Quest will include Guided Healing Journeys to Open the Gateways of:

(1) The Protective System – Muscle, Skin, Fat, Bones, Mucous Membranes and Teeth

(Abundance and Support)

(2) The Elimination System – Lungs, Kidneys, Bladder and Lymph

(Letting Go and Surrendering to Flow)

(3) The Circulatory and Immune System – The Blood, Heart and Lungs

(Expression of Your True Self and Living Life Fully)

(4) The Message Relay and Awareness Centre – The Brain and Nervous System, Glands and Hormones

(Communications and ‘Seeing’ your Path in Balance and with Clarity)

(5) The Digestion and Absorption System – The Digestive Organs and Associated Regions

(Taking in the affairs of the outer world and Standing in Your Power)

(6) The Reproductive System – The Reproductive Organs and Associated Regions

(Co-creation, Harmonious Living, Masculine/Feminine Balance)

These six hour-long journeys will run over 5 weeks.


When you register for the Quest, you will also get a BONUS 30 minute Health Detective Consultation (value $40.) with me to use by the end of the 5 Journeys.

After each journey, each participant will receive a crystal message for that region of the body to help in the coming week and days ahead.


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To your Diamond Health,

Sasha xx


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