How to Receive Blessings Meant for You

coconut-84539_640Happy Super Full Moon in Aquarius!

There is much talk about receiving the good that is meantĀ for you. My question to you is: Are you taking in the gifts and abundance all around you?

Quite likely you are not. If you were receiving your blessings, along with every other person on this planet, we would be living in near paradise!


Deep at the heart of your soul, there may be a feeling that you don’t deserve the blessings meant for you. Here are some tips for receiving that will come in handy for the magnanimous energies of this full moon!

  1. Be true and open – Blessings can’t pour down into a cup with a lid on it. Open your heart, open your space and make room in your life. At a time like the Full Moon, you may be inspired to get rid of old, unwanted objects in your path. Blessings are so sacred that they do require space and to be given due respect. Give something away and be open to the possibilities. And in all things, be true to your feelings. Live according to the colours of your soul.
  2. Set aside your fears and doubts – This is easier said than done but is very important for a true and open heart to receive. You may have a clear space and open heart but you may feel you don’t deserve, you aren’t good enough or will shine too bright if you receive! This may sound ludicrous but these are some of the ways that you can sabotage your own path. Unclog the emotional, mental and spiritual debris by doing the work to allow what is yours to come your way.
  3. Be grateful – List 5 things right now that you are grateful for in your life. When you are grateful, you send a message of appreciation out to the Universe for all the gifts you have already received. We all love to be appreciated. The Universe adores it and will send more and brighter signals back for you to find your gifts.
  4. Affirm and release – Expect magical things to come your way. Get creative and explore new ways to work with the power of your mind. Working with affirmations is a powerful tool for drawing in your blessings, especially when done in a creative way.After you send your message, remember to set it free. message-in-a-bottle-413680_150
  5. Be childlike – Be delighted no matter WHAT blessings come your way. The key point is that you are not fixed on one particular gift you want but you are focused on celebrating the life you have today! Anything that comes from here on is a bonus and icing to the delicious cake of life that you are already enjoying!
  6. Open your armsĀ – This is probably the most crucial step in the process. You need to be able to open your hands and accept the love offered to you. Sometimes your ego may stand in the way by telling you that you should not receive from a particular person or you are obliged to return the favour. Practise receiving with no conditions but the call of your heart.
  7. Share – Have an intention that when you receive, you will once more contribute to the flow of things in some way. The cycle continues, after all. You may choose to share your blessings or other gifts. Keep the energy cycling…and it will return to you.


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