Feeling like you didn’t quite catch the train for the new year?

Have no fear! The Capricorn New Moon is here.

This new moon not only gives us a powerFULL charge to our career goals and aspirations, but also helps us to shine a light on what goals and dreams are most aligned with us now.

This realignment helps us to get behind our goals, more involved and more embodied and immersed in them. This translates to more drive and energy to put our two feet together in the direction of forward movement.

If you forgot what your dreams look and feel like, this is your opportunity to taste that whiff of success and the scent of satisfaction as you get moving along.

Check out the Full Video message below:

Under this powerful New Moon, I’d like to invite you to the 2024 Dreams Come True Playshop where we will set the stage envisioning and planning together for a soul-satisfying year in business. Click here to join the magic.