Rock Your Life Purpose:

5 Simple Steps to Being a Spiritual Superstar in your Work

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Sasha Niala


"The Life Purpose Cheat-Sheet"



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  1. How you can uncover your passions and live your soul's purpose at this moment in time and why is it so important for your vitality and energy at work to know your passions at heart
  2. Why your 'spiritual resume' is more impressive than you may realise and how you can unveil it in your work
  3. Why blocks to abundance are less about numbers and more about movement *includes a guided healing meditation to help with resistance to manifesting material abundance ie. money via your spiritual gifts
  4. Why learning the art of receiving brings you closer to your life's purpose and how to receive support when you are accustomed to being independent and self-sufficient
  5. How to use the Life Purpose checklist to identify what you need to do to build a strong foundation for which your Life Purpose can activate at ease. 
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