Here are tools to help you extract and excavate the deeper layers of what remains to be healed and jump-start your healing from the inside-out. Expect to be pleasantly delighted on multiple levels of your soul, mind, heart and body as you embark on a journey to transform your life into purpose and watch your soul’s gold shine before your eyes.


Holistic Energy Healing
Health Detective Consultations

Could this be the Missing Link in Your Healing?
Holistic Healing that Cuts to the Heart of the Body, Mind and Soul.
Healing that goes deeper than the physical into peeling away the layers of energy to meet the heart of the issue while giving you clear action steps.
Sounds too good to be true? Read on…

Personalised Soul Painting
Personalised Soul Painting

Have trouble holding a vision of your highest self for longer than a few hours or even minutes?
These paintings are made to align you with your beauty and magnificence so that you remember it every day.
Remember, one step a day is all it takes to make impressive shifts in your life.
Browse past paintings

Re-connective Healing Journey
Your Re-connective Healing Journey

Ever wanted to go on a journey to meet your guides and interact with them? There is so much power to be gained from connecting with your spiritual allies-power that you can use in your daily life in getting clear, getting focused and some tough love delivered in a friendly way. Scroll down to see what others had to say about their journeys.

Your Soul Care Package
Your Soul Care Package

Your Ultimate Support, Care and Empowerment Package. 6 Weeks of Soul Food and 6 weeks to Ecstatic living, the kind that wants to make you jump up at the idea of life. You deserve to feel this way. Here’s to your Total Health.




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