How to Place your Request for Focused Distant Healing

1. Place your order by donating an amount below (Pay What You WishΒ heart donation).

2.Β Contact meΒ with your specific request for healing. You may enter up to three different requests for healing in your body.

3. Expect your report within 24-44 business hours of your request.



I can observe and feel that the healing session has been very powerful.
I am reacting to my challenges much different as I would before the session.
My fear is gone. Although I am in the situation where are a lot of
uncertainties I am staying surprisingly calm. I have trust in me and the
Universe that every will work out for the best. I am taking action but
there is no panic. I know that there is solution and these challenges are
just a step in my development. I feel whole, powerful and loved.
Thank you so very much –

Gita G. Marotis



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