You’re worried, tired, stressed out.

You’ve been to doctors, and they’ve told you the same thing or variations of it.

You’re making it up.

There’s nothing wrong with you.

Yet, you feel there is, and it’s gnawing away at you to get a thorough check-up.

You are thinking, “maybe it’s meant to be that I landed on this page.”

Your soul agrees, but you’re not sure how this all works.

So let me tell you.

In a Holistic Energy Healing session,

(1) I first do a psychic assessment of your situation. This is a quick medical intuitive scan of the deeper issues.

(2) We start talking, and I reveal to you the symbols and messages I receive.

(3) We go on an adventure together into the core of the issue (there may be several).

(4) I send you distance energy healing and/or sound vibrations to start working on this core issue.

(5) We start working from the inside out, into the mind, emotions..even to any spiritual attachments that are holding your health at bay.

(6) Until we reach the body, where I may give you natural healing recommendations.

(7) We finish off by grounding this energy work together with action steps.

Wondering how Energy Healing Works?

   What clients say about these sessions:

Before my session with Sasha, I had been feeling off-centred. I was having difficulty connecting to myself and the energies around me. During my integrative healing sesion, Sasha led me through a journey which reconnected me to my confidence in my capabilities as a healer. Issues were not only brought to light as to why I was having difficulties but I was given simple tools to use to correct them.
My favourite part of working with Sasha was how healing the space she created was. She knew what I needed- even when I was unable to adequately express it & created a space in which I could release emotions and ask questions. As an energy healer, Sasha gently pushes you into a better relationship with yourself. She is so full of love and brings that love to every session.

Ceridwen Rankin, Canada

The Holistic Energy Healing session can work for ANY physical, mental or emotional pain you may be feeling.

Because we are working from the energy body upwards, the work does give you lasting results provided you sustain the energy.

I do recommend a second follow-up session to further expand on the energy work done.

My body and mind were resistant in its journey but my heart was open. I found that the information that was presented was something that I knew but hide that truth within below because I don’t want to deal with it. I also found some new solutions to approach by self with small acts of kindness for myself through self care.

Renee Eva Pena, U.S.A.

Can this be the missing link in getting your health all together again?

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