What makes YOU original?

Have you ever thought about what makes you unique? Do you realise that noone else in the world has an astrological chart just like yours?

If you have not looked in depth into your horoscope before and you’re wondering what makes you really worth life and living, allow me to take you on a tour…to uncover your most brilliant self.

How can astrology actually help you?

Astrology only seems like probability to the untrained eye. There is no argument that there are other laws in the universe but what is the chance that astrology can hold up a mirror to you to reflect who you are? It’s a pretty high probability!If you are wading in a land of beating yourself up for little things also known as self doubt, maybe you haven’t really seen what you look like on a larger scale– from the perspective of the planets!

Check out my interview with Angela Wilkinson of The Awakaned Goddess Show below:




Sample Astro Soul Portrait
Sample Astro Soul Portrait


The benefits to last a lifetime

The paintings can be done for Individuals but also to celebrate the depth and meaning of your relationships as a Couple or in a Group. You can also give these as a really unique unique sort of anniversary or milestone gift. Your special personalised painting will be completed within two weeks of your request and will be accompanied by short written messages especially for you. The energy within these paintings will continue to uplift and inspire you in subtle ways long after the date you receive them.


So what’s my Inspiration?

Simply put, it’s You!

I am fascinated by the complexity of astrological science to describe a person’s personality and tendencies in such great detail. Beyond that, I know that you are a spark of life playing this game of life through your personality. It helps if you know your personality inside-out, right?

Astrology has helped me understand my challenges and find the grace to walk through them. Art has helped me express myself after a long time of being voiceless. I got the inspiration for the Astro Soul Portraits while going through a health challenge that prevented me from breathing in all of life. It is my hope that each painting reminds its owner of her own beauty and reason for being a spark of life at this place, at this time.


I sit with my painting every morning before my hectic day starts, and it brings me an incredible sense of peace that helps me get through the day.” ~ Susan M., 6 months after she received her Personalised Space Painting”

I love love love it! I feel as if it (the painting) were delivered by the angels and fairies!!!!” ~ Shelby Jean Matonak, on receipt of her Couple’s Astro-Soul Portrait

Beyond satisfied, more like elated with my Astro Soul Portrait by Sasha Niala! I can’t wait to hang this up in my home! After the explanation I totally get it and I agree so much with it. I’m so happy with it and I can always look at it remember my potential and try to overcome my own hindrances.  The reading (insight into my soul) was in depth and completely accurate, and the portrait was completely original and beautiful. I love my portrait.~ Niala B., on receipt of her Astro Soul Portrait

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Your Special Bonus on receipt of your painting: One 20 min Skype session to give you my interpretation of your painting, your astrological chart and special messages for you as well as time for all your questions about it.

Don’t want to wait so long to see your painting? You will get a digital copy of the finished piece – fresh off the easel!


Astrology isn’t your thing?

I’ve got all sorts of paintings to choose from! You can get a painting for your space, personal meditation room or a pure soul portrait. 

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