Have you been denying your own needs and know that you are not finding the time to truly take care of yourself?

Did you know that how much you attend to your own needs can affect every area of your life- it can mean the difference between developing a chronic illness or not, being in an abusive relationship or not, having a good, harmonious relationship with your family and even having job satisfaction or not.

Knowing yourself can take you out of the rut of a dull, humdrum routine to bringing more passion, heart and spunk to all corners of your life.

Your health is non-negotiable, because without it life becomes challenging and even questionable. Are you truly alive and living your optimal in health, relationships, career and just in your daily joy level?

Yet, even in that space, when you are connected to yourself, you can withstand the shock. If a hurricane comes to you now in your life, would you be prepared? (That’s how real life works- when something suffers deep within our psyche, it eventually comes back roaring in pain and causing confusion even among primary care health practitioners!)

I can tell you that most people are not prepared for disaster, myself included at one point. I almost died as a result.

And that’s why I know it is important to be connected to yourself on the deepest levels before challenges hit AND during the storm.

You risk using up all your reserves to get back on your feet.

So what is the Soul Care Package exactly?

This self-care package is a bit different from your regular spa package as it is based around looking deeply into all areas of your body, mind, heart and soul. This is real deep work that you are about to embark on, and it requires the readiness and willingness to push boundaries and open doors to new avenues. It can be emotional sometimes and it can be an uphill climb. I am there to hold you accountable for the journey and help you overcome the resistance to shifting patterns, habits and seeing yourself for who you are.

Not only that, it presents real solutions to you to challenges you are currently facing and insights into the root cause of your current problems. You also get soul-centred advice on how to address them. Clear and simple.

It is a healing and soul-fortifying retreat, a breath of fresh air for a weary soul.


The mind, body and soul are a single unit that must work together. Working with Sasha allows you to create more balance that is noticeable in your everyday life and in key areas of your life.

If you are ready for this level of support and healing, read on.

6 Weeks to Ecstatic Soul Health

You should know that healing is rarely one-off. It takes time and although a lot can shift in one session, there is a need to check up and maintain the energy for some time. Healing is hard work when there is no support. Even if you do have to wade through mud along the way, it’s best for your spirit if you have support along the way.


That’s why I’ve packaged my very best support into one affordable package that you can use over 6 weeks.

In those 6 weeks,

you will receive Soul Food to make sure you stay on track in your health and life with the inner changes that you will be making headway on.

Your tangible gifts during this time will come in the form of:

check1 Guided Healing Soul Journey to give you an idea of your path, your guides and much more..


checkYour Personalised Soul Painting to help you ground into you body and truth (this will be delivered to you, shipping is included).


check 3 Holistic Energy Healing sessions to help you clear your old patterns, lift your energy and support you along the way


checkBonus: 3  15-minute Emergency Calls to discuss any important issues that may arise along the way

This is your special treat, YOUR SOUL CARE PACKAGE, worth upwards of $1000.


Know someone else who can benefit from this package?

This package can also be given as a gift to someone else, and what a memorable and potentially life-changing one! It’s personalised, it’s customised and it is delivered straight to the heart.


When I booked a session I didn’t have exact understanding how it would be, but I expected it might be quite a journey. That was definitely a very unusual experience for me (in a truly positive sense!), but I was really pleased with the way I felt after the session.
I think because the journey is quite extraordinary, it really opens up a lot for you in terms of feelings and understanding yourself. It brought me inner piece and I could literally feel the warmth inside and around me. It calmed my mind, and all the anxiety in my body and my mind went away.
It’s a bit difficult to describe, but I felt just right after the session, just the way I’m happy to be in my body, the way I’m comfortable with all my desires, with my future plans and my present. It felt good to be in that particular point of time and in that particular place. Prepare to open your heart and be attentive to all the signals your body, your mind and your soul may send you. It will be magical!

Limited packages are available per month. Let your heart guide you today if your soul is calling out for this level of attention and support.

Note: I guarantee that your experience will create lasting shifts and infuse you with healing energies. I believe in the law of balance of giving and receiving. For that reason, I do not offer a refund. I want you to put your full weight into this package. And if you are ever unhappy with your services, I will work with you to address that.

I look forward to walking the journey to a more vital, healthy and ecstatic all-round life, a life you would like to come home to.

Your Options Today:


Your Soul Care Package Payment Plan

$150. per week for 6 weeks

Your Soul Care Package Full Payment

Only $850. today

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