What are Soul Paintings?

Soul Paintings put you in direct contact with your soul, your truth and your light.

When would I need a Soul Painting?

A Soul Painting comes in handy when you need to remind yourself of who you are amidst the noise of the outer world. It is a point of convergence back to you and can give you an immediate accountability check-in. Are you being true to your highest version of your self? One look at the painting is meant to shake you up into your truth. If you have been depressed and felt out of balance in your life, do yourself a favour and get one.

What kinds of Soul Paintings are there?

I offer three types of paintings right now- The Astro Soul Portrait, The Space Painting and the Prescriptive Painting.

  • The Astro Soul Portrait is a celebration of your unique personality traits as defined by your blueprint in your astrological chart. It combines aspects of an intuitive soul painting with key elements of your personality. The result is a picture of your most brilliant, radiant, soul-defying self in the form of a painting. This is a snapshot of your essence as you walk about your daily life from the eyes of the cosmos. It is typically set in a natural landscape.

Check out my interview with Angela Wilkinson of The Awakaned Goddess Show below where I talk about how Astrology can be used for Creative Healing:

Do you need your space to be infused with a certain mood, theme or ambience. You may want your bedroom to resonate more closely with ‘Peace’ and ‘Relaxation’ or you may need a workplace to have ‘Balance’ and ‘Abundance’.

With this painting, you may send me a photo of the room you want to personalise in colour and character. You send me the key theme/s you’re looking for and I’ll get to making you a painting for your space.

These are encoded with the vibration of healing, made just for you! They contain codes to activate healing and restore the flow of energy in and around the body, specifically for you. Think of it as a ‘live’ intuitive healing that you can easily come back to when you need a boost, balance and grounding. The paintings are inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts – maintaining Yin/Yang balance and optimal energy flow as well as Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Healing for deep energetic wound healing. It is a painting that will keep on revealing new layers with each passing day. You will also get a note with it containing intuitive guidance and healing recommendations.

How does it work? There is an ancient Shamanic teaching that we can imagine our reality into being.
This is a form of empowerment and any healing done with this intention brings long lasting results for many years to come.
When I create the painting for you, I intend that what your body and soul needs at this time is created for you in a way that triggers you on many levels. Like chimes, they will keep hitting the chords of discord and imbalance and help you to restore your health from a deeper, longer-lasting place. They are intended to help you live the true music of your life, in a state of balanced health.
The health of your body reflects the health of your life so you may also find that the painting affects you positively in many different ways.

Some examples:

Astro Soul Portraits

Space Paintings

Prescriptive Paintings

Can I buy this for someone else?

Of course. Just add the other persons name in the optional space when you are filling out order form.

What is the total cost?

See the table below for current prices. N.B.-There is a flat-rate express shipping for all paintings. Be sure to join the newsletter for special  offers!

What materials are used?

The painting is done on canvas paper using lightfast acrylic paints.

When will the painting be finished?

Your painting will be shipped within 10 days of your order. You can expect it in two weeks from the time of purchase. Sneak peek: As soon as it is finished, you will receive a digital version of it.

Can I get a refund?

There is a lot more that goes into each painting than meets the physical eye- equipment, time, experience and ability to capture a deep healing experience. To honour both of our commitments, I cannot issue refunds.


Shelby Jean Matonak

​I love, love, love, love it!!! I feel as if the painting were delivered by the angels and fairies!!!! (Astro Soul Portrait)

Beyond satisfied, more like elated with my Astro Soul Portrait by Sasha Niala. I can't wait to hang this up in my home! After the explanation, I totally get it and I agree so much with it. I can always look at it to remember my potential and try to overcome my own hindrances. The reading (insight into my soul) was in depth and completely accurate, and the portrait was completely original and beautiful. i love my portrait. (Astro Soul Portrait)

Niala B.

How do I use my painting?

You benefit most from the painting if you place it somewhere you see it on a regular if not daily basis. All it takes is a few moments of meditation and pure intent and focus to help you receive the benefits that will truly last a lifetime. The energy within these paintings will continue to uplift and inspire you in subtle ways long after the date you receive them.

Will you guide me?

Of course! On receipt of the painting, you will also receive a small 2-page booklet. It will contain:

  • a description of your painting and messages that came through in the painting process
  • a mini intuitive reading for you at this time
  • a forecast and things to look forward to as you move along your path

More bonuses?

Yes! You know I’ve got you covered. You get a 50% discount on a follow-up 40 min intuitive healing or reading session as follow:

Astro Soul Portrait– Astro Soul Oracle Reading/Healing

Prescriptive Painting– Health Detective Consultation

Space Painting– Reconnective Guided Healing Meditation Journey


Irma Kaye Sawyer Bright Star Consulting Services

I was very happy to receive the Soul Portrait skilfully crafted from Sasha Niala. Not only is it a beautiful work of art, it is quite accurate in terms of my own soul dynamics also. Thank you Sasha! (Astro Soul Portrait)

Angela Wilkinson The Awakened Goddess Show

The colours made me realise what I need to bring more in my life. I immediately felt a wave of emotion go through my body. I found myself tearing up a little bit and feeling some sadness come up. There was a sense of something deeper being communicated to my soul but out of my comprehension. It was a comforting and grounding feeling. The more I look at it I feel more aware of the internal shifts I need to make - by resting, taking time for myself and cooling the 'fire' I have inside always keeping me focused on what's next. I feel more empowered because I recognize I'm the one in charge. I am more at peace with my health concerns. (Prescriptive Print)

I sit with my painting before my hectic day starts and it brings me an incredible sense of peace that helps me get through the day. (Space Painting)

Susan M.

What about sizes?

There are standard sizes listed below for each portrait. However, if you need a custom size, let me know and I can adjust the price to suit!

Anything else I should know?

No, except you’re pretty awesome for reaching this far! 🙂 

If you do have questions though, contact me here.


Jacqui Wilkins

I commissioned two soul portraits to be done for my sister and nephew & my sister-in-law and her son. Both women cried when they read & saw the art. It has become a piece to meditate with for both families. They were so accurate & beautiful <3 I can't wait to get one done for myself! (Astro Soul Portrait)

What is the cost of a Soul Painting?

Astro Soul Portrait

Single- 10" by 12"

Portrait of 1 person:


The Astro Soul Bundle

Above portrait plus 40 min. Astro Soul Oracle Skype session
(50% off!).


*+flat-rate express shipping

Astro Soul Portrait

Couple - 12" by 16"

Portrait of a couple:


The Astro Soul Bundle (Couple)

Above portrait plus 40 min Astro Soul Oracle Skype session
(50% off!)


*+flat-rate express shipping

Space Painting

12" by 16"

Painting for a space:


The Feng Shui Bundle

Above painting plus 40 min Guided Healing Journey meditation
(50% off)


*+ flat-rate express shipping

Prescriptive Painting

10" by 10"

Painting for one person


The Toast To Your Health Bundle

Above painting plus 40 min Intuitive Health Detective Consultation
(50% off)


*+ flat-rate express shipping

I’m ready to purchase a Soul Painting, what do I do?

Click the green button below the corresponding painting or painting/healing session combo you would like.

Talk soon!

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