Sink into the blessings of the Solstice (video message and visualisation)

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Happy Solstice and Happy Mercury Retrograde and almost Christmas Eve and as well the last few days before 2016 turns into 2017. And with all of that comes a time together..this melting pot of self-reflection…simmering energies..there’s a lot that we are integrating now from the past year but also the past full moon…which has also brought up a lot up…lifted a lot of information and facts into our we are left dealing with the dregs of all of this as well. From the soul perspective, this is a time of balance and realigning and having the patience to wait on divine timing for things to flow again. It’s really a time of reflection but also we are fired up into action already for the New Year with all of this momentum building up for the New Year. So there is that inspiration, and there’s hope of a new start coming up but there’s also the work that needs to be done within..the quiet time, going in and crossing that bridge from the outside world to the inner world and assessing where we are now before we move ahead. What is really important here as I mentioned before is patience but also the joy, the laughter that comes from being surrounded by the home vibe that comes with the season..this particular season…there are some more endings or rebirths moving ahead…again, we’re birthing a New Year. so that’s a huge thing to look at this time, you need to step back, reflect and pull out all you have learnt and integrated in this year and come out at the end of it with our crowns on our heads and standing tall because you have achieved so much this year and it is really important to give yourself credit for what has been done and where you are now…
So just close your eyes, take a nice deep breath and come into your body, just lean back, exhale..take a nice deep breath again and imagine yourself sitting beneath a palm tree on the beach and exhale. and breathe in with the wind, exhale…let in the air and out with your breath and merge with your breath…the sea breeze. You become a part of this scene with every breath in and out. And as you breathe in again, this huge gold light source opens up above you above the tree and shines down on the top of your head…filling you with light and strength and remembrance of the power within you, the power that you have achieved and expressed by the way you walked in not only the past months but the past year. The light gets brighter and you feel the top of your head and there appears to be something placed there on the top of your head. Feel into what it is ..that this light has brought and blessed you with. And stand up and stand tall and walk forward..and as you walk forward, the light is all around you…this gold light is all around you, standing tall and strong…and you are going in the direction of the wind…and take a nice deep breath and exhale and touch your feet on the sand,on the water and fully embrace the gift you have been given..the gift of realisation, of appreciation, and the gift of revelation of who you really are after the path you have walked this year.

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