Supersizing your Potential at the Super Full Moon in Taurus

Today’s Supermoon will mark the closest the moon has been to the earth in 68 years – that’s a once in a lifetime experience for many! But let’s not forget that the Sun is in Scorpio balancing the practical affinity of Taurus. The moon in Taurus is a happy camper as this is its best place to be (Scorpio is the opposite) and the feeling of comfort and safety will be sure to linger in the air.

With Scorpio in the mix, there is an interesting polarity that is created between the drive to merge at a soul level and share oneself in transformation with outer energies with the ambitious Taurean desire to achieve practical value. Both signs in the picture bring up a different aspect of self worth. In this case, the space is being created to delve deeper into what makes you valuable as an individual and then to see how this can be tapped into to share with the world around you. In this way, you are guided to value yourself and your contributions to the collective resources within society.

Some questions to ponder at this time are:

What other gifts do I have within me that are of value to those around me?

Why am I holding back from tapping into these gifts?

What are my blocks to financial abundance? Do I feel like I deserve to be abundant?

Do I believe that I am worthy of my gifts?

Are my gifts valuable?


Check out the short guided meditation I made for you below:

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