Swing into Spring with a Radiant Body: 
FREE LIVE 5-Day Energy Detox & Booster Challenge to Cleanse, Refresh and Reset Your Energy to Step Up and Complete Your Big Passion Goals this Spring !


Did You Know?

  • Ancient traditions recongised rituals at the start of each season as a key part of a healthy and whole life
  • It is a great time to take inspired action in the wake of the New Moon in Aries! 
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DAY #1

Spiritual Detox : Align With Your Highest Vision of Vitality

DAY #2

Mental Detox: Create Affirmations that Actually Work

DAY #3

Emotional Detox:  Release Negative Feelings around Health

DAY #4

Physical Detox:Cleanse your Body with Wholesome foods

DAY #5

Whole Body Booster: Strengthen and Invigorate your Body with Movement and Breathwork. Time to reap the rewards of your hard work and fill your cup with pure vitality!

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What Others Are Saying:

Lynsey Landry

"I had a session with Sasha yesterday and it totally transformed my day! Went from barely being able to get out of bed to cleaning the house, running errands, and running my business! Highly recommend to anyone needing support or a boost! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my heart and I now have the energy to go about my day!"

Amanda Lyn

"My favourite part was the meditation and how you guided me through it. I also shifted a lot of energy during the meditation and came out of it feeling more empowered. I think your style would work with almost anyone that is ready and willing to take accountability and move into a place of clarity."

Shannon Lucas-Westrum

"I would recommend Sasha to anyone with health concerns, anxiety or emotional blocks. Realizing when my health concerns started has helped me realized other important things too that are huge. I really appreciated the insights and the meditation. The imagery is firmly with me. My entire session was excellent. Our discussion, the meditation and my insights were spot on."

5 Days, 5 Steps to Sync with the Abundance of Spring!

As the season changes, a detox helps the body regroup and renew for the new times and energies.  Spring brings with it a freshness and lightness where new life sprouts and goals are nurtured into reality. These techniques will show you how you can hit reset so that you can have greater energy in the coming months for your dreams and work of passion.

What You'll Discover in these 5 Days:

  • 4 Different Ways to Release Past Baggage that Hold You Back in the Present
    You'll be guided step-by-step on 4 different techniques to let go of the negatives from the past
  • The Real Secret of Whole Body Cleansing
    Detoxes don't work all the time because your physical body is just one aspect of you. You're going to go deep in these five days in well under an hour each day.
  • How to Maximise your Returns after a Detox
    The final day of integration will help you consolidate your gains and prepare for lift off with renewed energy and passion! 
  • The Power of Support along the way
    Community is a powerful player in accelerating healing and you will have the support of a group along the five days!
Samantha W.

Sasha is amazing - she can help you no matter what level of consciousness you are at, and indeed has helped me no matter if I've been in full-blown panic mode or asking more spiritual questions from a calmer place. I really appreciate her assistance, generosity and compassion.

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