Stinging Nettle Tea ~ The Story Behind My First Cup and How I Took the Sting out of Tradition

There are some things that draw you into ‘normal’ ways of thinking, that defy your logic only because the logic is not really yours.

For me, one of these was the protective aura around the stinging nettle plant.

The nettle plant had its defenses. And my community had its own defenses to match.

There’s nothing wrong with precaution, until it turns something with potential to heal into the status of an enemy.

Taking the First Steps

Of course, as an inquisitive child, I became suspicious about this plant that brought so much fear and withdrawal from the outside. It was not like the oleander, which was outright off-limits, but it seemed more docile, like just another living being that was misunderstood.

This misunderstanding did not come from the nettle plant, but from the outside world.

Then Bigger Steps

For it was when I started experimenting boldly with herbal teas, that I realised that this plant was loaded with benefits, directly relevant to my nutritional needs. I purchased an entire package of dried nettle leaves and was using it…and enjoying it.

Yet, the nettle plants in the backyard were still out of touch. It was ironic that I still couldn’t take that step to go outside and just harvest some wild nettle leaves. I was using it comfortably and it was powerfully healing. Yet, the traditional beliefs were still in place in my mind and not allowing me to take that last step.

Truth brings the most important message

Later, when I attended the Naturopathic College in Canada, I saw that this plant that was shrugged off as a garden pest was understood to be an important natural solution for various ailments, including iron-deficiency.

And my wonderfully supportive friend echoed this to me recently. One by one, as she rattled out the long list of benefits of this amazing plant, I built up the courage to go out in the garden and make stinging nettle magic.

‘Stinging Nettle has so many benefits. It’s high in Vit A, iron, Vit B,…even protein. You can use it in soups and salads too.’

She said it so matter-of-factly that it put everything into perspective right there.

How I reintroduced myself to the Nettle

The Stinging Nettle
The Stinging Nettle


1. Finding the Stinging Nettle Plant again. Isn’t it ironic that when you want to get rid of something, there always seem to be so much of it, but when you are looking for it, it’s so hard to find!

This is what happened in my quest to find the stinging nettle plant.

That’s what you get for being called a weed!







2. Stinging Nettle leaves brewing casually in some hot water








Nettle Hot Bath
Close Up of Nettle Hot Bath


3. Close-Up of the process. The tea is brewing and I am so excited. Ten minutes seems too long.











4. Stinging Nettle tea, almost done.

Can’t get enough of the earthy, magical goodness of this plant. You’ll need to try it for yourself

if you haven’t!





Moral of the story: Remember a weed in one place can be a highly respected plant in another. You get to choose which place you are at, regardless of where you live.

How about you? What are you doing that defies traditional views? Share in the comments below this post.


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