TURBOCHARGE your TALENTS in the palm of your hands!!

The Talent Breakthrough Oracle weaves three timeless pearls into one easy-to-apply system that shows you the way to unlock and unleash your unique talents
(even if you've dabbled while wading in doubt up to your chin without the results to show for it!).
Hint: You also get the surefire side-effects of energising and opening your Chakras,
while staying rooted on solid ground!

Hang onto your seat! In a few days, I’ll be opening up the Talent Breakthrough Oracle for sale! Sign up to the waitlist below and I’ll let you know AS SOON AS the sale goes live (you won’t want to miss the special treats lined up and for your eyes first! :)).
When you sign up, you’ll also gain access to a video series showing you four steps you can take to unlock your hidden talents right now (while you charge up your chakras!)


Sasha Niala
Creative Healer,
Spiritual Scientist

Your Talents are not some fluffy, fanciful things floating in a faraway land.

They're CLUES & CUES!

What Would it Mean if
you Could:

    • Walk every day with the ease and confidence that comes from knowing you are living, breathing and ACTIVELY growing with your soul's purpose
    • Learn to stay GROUNDED long enough while developing your talents so you can utilise, share and monetize them too! (heaven IS a place on earth)
    • Deliver your services with your UNIQUE signature style that sets you apart from the busy crowds so your tribe recognises the REAL you behind what you offer
    • Avoid the frustrations that come from trying to unpack it all by yourself so that you can spend YOUR PRECIOUS TIME AND ENERGY on the things you love (your true passions!)