How is your garden growing?

Are you watering it with love, caring for it with your soul and admiring it with eyes of truth?

How about your own soul’s garden?

Are you allowing all the beauty and love to come your way as you acknowledge your own soul’s truth?

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance ~ Oscar Wilde

The more you can open space and become intimate with your own soul, the more you will bloom on the outside in your health, relationships and life purpose.

If you are wondering how will you go about doing so, I’ve created the Blooming Love Package for you. Read on…


The Blooming Love Package is where you will sign a sacred agreement with your soul to open up to your greatness.

As you unfurl the petals surrounding your soul, you invigorate them with the touch of your spirit and warmth of your heart.

Gently and sometimes in bursts, you start blooming on the outside in every manner and form.

Using tools like guided meditations, energy healing, animal guides, rainbow guides, creative releasing and cosmic divination, we will go on a journey to connect with your soul’s truth.


Stage 1: The Bud – Connecting with the Essence of You

(a meditative walk with your guide for this purpose with a Sketch of this path)

Stage 2: The Unfurling – Releasing Fears/Blocks around Exposing Your Truth

(guidedΒ energy healing and creative releasing tools)

Stage 3: The Open Rose – You in your magnificence

(includes an Astro Soul Reading, digitized Blooming GoddessΒ Painting (NEW!),

Astro-GoddessΒ messages andΒ reminders of your truth and beauty)

Stage 4: Blooming Onward into Full Radiance

(digitized Personalised Prescriptive Painting, focusing on strengthening those areas that may be directly impacting your physical health and life’s path)

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Ready to Reflect your True Love, your Blooming Radiance in your Life and Health?

I’ve got some good news.

This package value is $400. easily.

As it is a new offering, I am making 4 of them available at $200.!

This is a very limited offer only valid for one week from today, February 19.

When you purchase the package, I will send you a welcome letter and your own Blooming Love booklet to follow along the Journey, step-by step for each of the four stages (which take place in four consecutive weeks)! (You will receive this within one day of purchase).

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Got questions about the package?

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